The Testimony

I have to admit, ever since I considered serving a mission, I've had major internal battles. Mostly, the core of the battle was this: 
Is my Testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints strong enough that I could go wherever I'm called and teach people with confidence that this church is the only true church on this earth?
I was  blessed with a wonderful roommate who is not a member of the church (yes, there are people who are not LDS who attend BYU). She is a cute girl from China who has a very good head on her shoulders {I need to watch what I write- she read this and didn't know what the expression meant :) I promise it's a compliment}. She has listened and learned about the church, but will not accept it just because "every one else is doing it". She plans to find out for herself.

I grew up in the church. I come from a long line of LDS members- back to pioneer days. But, I too, had to decide for myself if this church is true. And I found that it is. How did I come to know the truth? I've been wondering that myself too...

I sometimes claim the title of an avid journal-keeper. Because of that, I can look back and attempt to pinpoint vital moments in my life. So, I am going to go back in my journal and post an entry from my journal every day. I'm hoping that it will help me figure out how I came to have a testimony in the first place, and how it grew to be so sure. So, Thus begins my project:

(A picture I took for my highschool photography class)

I will be posting journal entries that express different moments of how my testimony was molded.

It's a little nerve-racking to be posting entries from my personal journal onto the interweb. Especially since I plan on typing it word for word (and letter for letter... my spelling is horrific). But here we go. Tie up your shoelaces and take a deep breath. It's time to go back in time to when my testimony first began to sprout from that little seed that had been planted by my parents, leaders and friends...

Love Always,

P.S. Here are the links for each entry:
Entry 1- Before Being Baptized
Entry 2- Historical Significance
Entry 3- Dear Me
Entry 4- Bye Bye Buddy
Entry 5- Broken Records
Entry 6- Angel Adam
Entry 7- The Definition of Cute
Entry 8- The Lost and Found
Entry 9- The Calm In The Storm
Entry 10- Black Ice
Entry 11- God's Pep Talk
Entry 12- Like A Fire
Entry 13- Preserving Memories
Entry 14- Live Like You Believe (Aka EFY Round 2)
Entry 15- Cancer, Kelsey and a Nail in the Foot
Entry 16- My BFF's EFY
Entry 17- The Floods Came Up
Entry 18- I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go
Entry 19- I Never Stand Alone
Entry 20- Personal Progress
Entry 21- I Do Love Thee
Entry 22- Sweet Sixteen
Entry 23- The Photography Project
Entry 24- Emma
Entry 25- The Spirit of Christmas
Entry 26- Notes on Napkins
Entry 27- Passing of the Mantle
Entry 28- The Last Medly
Entry 29- Reflection in a Wave
Entry 30- Temple Trip
Entry 31- A Slow Day at Work
Entry 32- The Mail Lady
Entry 33- Everyday Missionary
Entry 34- Dorian and A White Rose
Entry 35- None Were With Him
Entry 36- A Talk
Entry 37- A Child's Testimony
Entry 38- Josh
Entry 39- Bula!
Entry 40- Set Apart
Entry 41- I Thank Thee O God For a Prophet
Entry 42- The 400th Page of My Life
Entry 43- The Book of Mormon
Entry 44- Merry CHRISTmas
Entry 45- Beautiful Upon the Mountain
Entry 46- Healing the Sick
Entry 47- Hospital Singing
Entry 48- Eg Elska ICELAND
Entry 49- He Loves Us
Entry 50- Stubborn Sign
Entry 51- Remember Who You Are
Entry 52- I Raised My Hand
Entry 53- This Project
Entry 54- Elder Featherstone
Entry 55- Softball and Roasted Peeps
Entry 56- Progress
Entry 57- A New Journal and A New Start
Entry 58- The Way Home
Entry 59- I Will Go And Do
Entry 60- Unwritten

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