The Girl


I am a college student who attends Brigham Young University. I study Sociology and International Development. I've worked several jobs to help pay for school including anything from call centers to teaching art lessons to photography to working with special needs therapy. 
I'm also a little bit of a culture hoard. I love traveling and experiencing new things. I've loved learning from all kinds of different people and allowing my experiences to make a difference in my life. I've been blessed to have had plenty of opportunities to get to know hundreds of wonderful people from all corners of the earth.
From 2012-2014 I served a mission in Budapest, Hungary and absolutely loved it (the emails from my mission can be found here on this blog).
I love experiencing the life we've been sent here to experience. And, by habit, I love writing about it. 

I am so incredibly grateful for all of the many people- friends and family- who have been such huge blessings in my life. Each one of them has helped me to have and enjoy so many great experiences throughout my life. I've loved everywhere I've been, and I'm grateful for all that I've been able to do and experience thus far. I'm excited to see where life continues to take me. 

Love Always,


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