Monday, December 1, 2014


na Sziasztok,

So Thanksgiving has come and gone. It hit me as we all went around at our family gathering saying what we were grateful for, that I hadn't been apart of that for 2 years. One year of Thanksgiving in the MTC, one year in Hungary and then I was back having Thanksgiving with my extended family. I have so much to be grateful for I certainly can't list or express it.


The Elders from my MTC days all returned home on Thanksgiving as well. That's when it really hits you that you've been home for a while and the work in Hungary will continue on without you.
It also was a good reminder that although I will continue to Skype my good friends in Hungary, and on occasion I'll get chances to practice Hungarian here (like when we sang Halld az angyolok kara't this past Sunday in Church), it's time to make sure I'm utilizing my experiences in Hungary to move forward in life and not dwell on what was. I slack sometimes still, but I'd like to think that my experiences in Hungary changed me in some ways for the better- hopefully in an eternal sense.

Now if and when I continue to write here, in-between the stresses of my last semester at BYU and "big-kid" job searching (as well of course, as family priorities), it'll hopefully be a little more forward-facing. I'm so grateful for the experiences I had prior to and leading up to my mission, I'm incredibly indebted for the amazing experiences on the mission and also very grateful for the transitory experiences upon returning. Now although I haven't experienced it yet, I'm grateful for whatever tomorrow brings.

Love Always,