Thursday, August 28, 2014

Prepare to Serve Interview: Opera in Hungary


This next video is about some of my favorite "little details" from the mission- specifically those experiences with the Opera.
(If you can't tell, my voice was pretty shot by this point in the interview).

I have so many great memories about Hungarian culture, so it was really hard for me to answer this question in the interview. I really do love those memories connected with the Opera though.
I also had just one song from Bartók Béla on my ipod. Without telling my companion, I set that song loudly as that alarm one morning. I don't think we've ever woken up laughing so hard in our lives.

Two of my companions in front of the Opera house.
(For clarification: when I wasn't sure if it was in the "Kispest" area vs. "Pest" area,
 I am talking about missionary tracting areas)

Myself and one of my companions at the Opera house

The view from the apartment I talk about in the video
My companion and I on our roof-top balcony

And what would this post be without finding a video about the Opera house on youtube:

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Prepare to Serve Interview: How Safe Did You Feel In Hungary?

I'm not always the most rational person when it comes to safety. Standing with the puffins on the edge of a giant cliff in Iceland is one of my favorite memories. But even I know that it's dangerous for little girls to "talk to strangers". So this video explains a little about why I was never afraid-
To read more about the story of my companion getting bit by the dog- see the post entitled "Literally Dogged".
Head the signs and you'll always be safe.

Love Always,