Thursday, August 21, 2014

Prepare to Serve Interview: Sister Missionary Clothing Tips (for going to Hungary)

Some tips about clothing for Hungary (specifically shoes...)

Here is some proof. This picture is from my SECOND pair of boots. Try walking home in a blizzard in those! On the other hand, the shoes I spent a little more on from a sporting goods store are still in great working order even after returning.

As for normal clothes, I'm no fashion guru but I certainly learned some functionality tips from experience. 

1. Layers are great. Sometimes it was hard to decide what to wear because you know you'll be freezing until you get walking all over and then suddenly the sun will come out and you'll be sweating. It wasn't uncommon for me to have a shirt, a cardigan and a coat all in one day so I was prepared for anything. 
2. Gloves that can hold a pen are super important for streeting in the winter. 
3. I'm also a fan of scarfs which can be really useful and versatile. 
4. Skirts that don't go crazy in the wind will save some potentially embarrassing moments. 
5. Clothing that doesn't show excessive sweat- summer will make you drip. 
6. Tights- thick tights (I even had wool ones). 
7. An umbrella is useful. I've always been an anti-umbrella person out of Washingtonian pride, but it's awfully hard to keep scriptures and a planner dry when you're trying to talk to people in the rain (plus you can serve a little by sharing with others caught in the flood). 
8. Versatile sizes and items such as belts. As embarrassing as it is, I lost a hefty amount of weight on my mission. If it wasn't for belts and nice materials, I would have had to buy a whole new wardrobe throughout the mission. 
9. Hair accessories for quick dos. Trust me, if you're going to keep to the white-handbook schedule, you're not going to have time to curl or perfect your hair. 
10. A really good side bag. Half way through my mission they stopped allowing us to use backpacks. I was so grateful I had also brought a reliable fossil side-bag which is still in great shape. 

Hope that saves a prospective missionary or two from some incredibly frustrating fashion malfunctions. 

Love Always,

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Prepare to Serve Interview: The Influx of Sister Missionaries

Here's the next one:

As stressful as this transition was and as much as it probably impacted my ability to learn the language properly, I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity I had to go senior so quickly. Each one of my junior companions was incredible. It also made us depend a whole lot more on the Lord considering we had no idea what we were doing on our own. Looking back, it's so crazy to me that we were knocking on strangers' doors all day long and only understanding a portion of what they were saying back. But somehow despite the language barrier, we communicated a lot more. It was definitely an adventure of a lifetime.

Love Always,

All of these beautiful sisters were my companions (not in order)
From left to right: My MTC companion, One of my sister-training-leader companions, my short time Hungarian companion, my trainee, another trainee (2nd half), me, another sister-training-leader companion, another trainee (2nd half) who was also my last companion. 4 are missing from this picture (3 junior companions and my trainer).