Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Prepare to Serve Interview: Foods I ate in Hungary

This one is a not-so-helpful description of food in Hungary :)

Paprikas Csirke  and Rokott Krumpli are two of the dishes I think I had the most while I was there. I love both of them. I really do miss the fresh market food too. I kind of wish I could have grocery shopped like a Hungarian while we were there- going to the market several times a week just to pick up what would be for dinner. We always looked so crazy shopping for a full American week at a time and carrying HUGE bags or baskets of food onto trams to take home. Also, during the summer, the icecream shops start popping up everywhere. There's even a verb that means to go eat icecream (fagyizni). Most missionaries love going icecreaming during the summer.

Okay now I'm Hungary. I mean Hungry.

Love Always,