Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Father


Sorry, I know- as a good friend of mine in Hungary pointed out, it's been much too long since I've written. But, I couldn't pass on an opportunity to write just a little to show some gratitude to my dad and my Father on this special holiday. 

You know, my dad and my Heavenly Father have a few things in common. 
For example...
My dad is super good at fixing anything. If my laptop, my car, the dishwasher... pretty much if anything is broken, I know I can always depend on my dad. 
And when my dad can't be there to help, I know I can also turn to my Father in Heaven and He can fix it too.
I remember on my mission a super frustrating day when everything seemed to be broken. We only have one day per week to do laundry and the tiny washing machine that we had, had decided to freak out and lock our clothes inside. I tried anything I could think of to get that thing to open and nothing worked. I was incredibly frustrated. If only my dad were there. In frustration, I fell to my knees. I realized while on my knees, that I did have a Father there. I felt kind of silly turning to prayer over a stupid washing machine, but I did. The second I said Amen, I heard a little "pop" sound. The washing machine had unlocked. My Heavenly Father is a fix-it Man too. 

I'm sincerely grateful for both my dad and my Father. Just as someone said today in church: "Fatherhood is Godhood and Godhood is Fatherhood". 

Happy Father's day to two of the greatest Fathers I know :)

Love Always,