Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Afterlife

Well I'm back. This isn't a posted email from Hungary, but rather a real, genuine, self written blog post. The adjustment hasn't been too bad so far. (granted I will continue to blame any of my grammar and spelling mistakes on Hungarian). The only differences I've noticed so far are:

1. I'm writing this blog post on something called a Surface- I guess my laptop lost a bunch of weight while I was on my mission too.
2. My house turned into a zoo while I was away- my parents got chickens and some bees and a couple other adorable additions to the home (aka my niece and nephew- my brother's family moved in for a while).
3. There's a new Disney princess?? But my niece has so kindly introduced me to her... several times a day. But hey, at least she's teaching me how to "Let it GO"

(my niece and I crossing a bridge at the Aquarium)

Speaking of letting go, the cool thing is that I don't have to completely let go of the mission. The miracle of technology has allowed me to Skype a few times. I've also volunteered speaking Hungarian at the MTC a few times. And it's a good thing I do that, because if it wasn't for those weird moments where I realize I "suddenly" speak a crazy foreign language, I would literally wonder if the whole mission thing was a dream. It doesn't really feel like it happened. But it did. And I'm grateful.
Now I'm here, and it's time.  After(mission)life has actually been going fairly well thus far. Gone to the aquarium, the ballet, my cousins wedding, got a couple job offers, dyed and cut my hair, oh- and I've been wearing jeans :)
I miss the people in Hungary, but life is overall good. What I've learned in these past few weeks is that the "afterlife" really isn't that scary after all. It's kind of just a continuation of things that are already familiar and good. Good activities, good people and love always.

(A photo I took of my cousins at the wedding)