Monday, March 10, 2014

Literally Dogged


So there is a term used by many missionaries here- to be dogged- which means that your planned program doesn't show up. Well we had a really great week set up- only to be "dogged" 9 times. But, we thought, when one door closes another one opens right? So we went out tracting.

The weather was nice and we were actually kind of enjoying tracting family houses. I rang a csengő at a fence and my sweet new-missionary companion mustered up the courage to be the one to talk first. A young girl came to the window, but her crazy beast of a dog was barking at us so loudly she couldn't hear. So sister Naegle got closer and yelled a little louder. Then her yelling turned into screaming... 
Who says a dog's bark is worse then their bite? Suddenly those "harapos kutya" (biting dog) signs that every Hungarian has weren't so funny. My companions thumb was being attacked by a mangy dog. Her hand was bleeding pretty badly. I called President and Sister Smith and they got an appointment at the doctor for us. We were basically in the middle of nowhere so we hurried to the closest Tram. Then the tram broke down... 
Her finger hadn't been cleaned by anything more than a kitchen rag, so we were pretty worried about infection. Luckily, for some reason, I had grabbed antibacterial stuff that morning which I had never brought with me before. So while we waited for the back-up tram, we cleaned her hand. And finally 2 trams and 2 metros later we made it to Buda. It looks pretty gross, but overall she's blessed with what will likely only be a really cool memorial to her mission and otherwise no permanent damage.
Being missionaries, we could learn a million lessons from that experience: the importance of paying attention to signs no matter how many times they show up, the danger of getting too close (sinning a little) due to a false sense of security from a fence, or the lesson of even when we feel like it- we are "not yet as Job"....
The beginning of this week appeared just shy of terrible. Number-wise too. But then if we realllly look at this week- it was fantastic.
1. After one of Sister Naegles doctors appointments, we got back just in time to teach one of our investigators at his work place. Which happens to be a fire station. Not only was it cool to see a Hungarian fire station, the experience of praying and teaching from the Book of Mormon with him and his willingness to learn brought such a cool experience.
Their GPS system

Fire trucks

Michelle and their firefighter

Sister Naegles and their firefighter

3. We got flowers from our investigator for Women's Day. 
4. On actual Women's day- Zoli (from Szombathely) baptized his wife Mariann. And I also had the opportunity to go back to Buda for my other investigators baptism (Zsuzsana). Shes the artist we met 3 weeks ago. She was so happy. And the other sweet moment from that was that Zsolt (the one who got baptized in January) said the closing prayer. I couldn't be happier for the decisions these people I've taught are making. 

Zoli baptizing his wife Marianne

Zsuzsana's baptism

Zsolt at the baptism

5. Yesterday, we went BACK to the dog. Sister Naegle wrote them a thank you note for being patient and a little testimony of the Book of Mormon since we never were able to even tell them why were where there in the first place. The grandma of the family was the only one home. We gave her the note and a copy of the Book of Mormon (through the fence..) and had a great quick conversation with her. 
All is well that ends well right? minden jó a vége jó.
Szeretlek mindig,
Curtin nővér
p.s. The little details

1. Pictures- She may have been attacked by a dog, but she's still got a thumbs up... because she literally has no other choice... 

Thumbs up!

2. We did our grocery shopping today--- I expire before my milk does!

Michelle's Favorite Picture

This is Michelle's favorite picture from her mission. It is a picture of Zoli, a convert Michelle taught, baptizing his wife Marianne. The baptism was preformed on the Hungarian holiday called Women's Day. It is kind of like Mother's Day, but all women are celebrated. What a wonderful day!

Here are a few more pictures from the baptism.