Monday, February 10, 2014


I'll apologize in advice, this e-mail will likely be faster than normal(and therefore not grammatically well written). I had a lot of reports to write and some school stuff to do for part of my e-mail time today. Life is crazy and busy. Sorry. (Foglalt means busy.)
So this week, wow, it was busy. Sister Burdick joked last Monday about the upcoming week and said "Well, see you on Saturday." We had 3 nights of splits, leadership council and a bunch of other meetings and programs. We had no idea how we were going to get through the week, but boy did it fly by. Honestly, I feel like it was a miracle. Even the little details, like how we had enough food for an extra 4 people were tender mercies.
We've been given a lot of responsibility as Sister Training Leaders. We have a lot expected of us. Leadership council reminded us just how much we have to do. We're expected to help look out for the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and overall work status of our sisters. We're also expected to keep a "model area" of our own in the process. It's a lot, but we're not alone. We've seen a lot of miracles in the work of our sisters and in our own this week. I'll just give one example:
There are a lot of beautiful, talented, single 30+ women in our ward right now. Because of that, Sister Burdick and I made a half joking- half serious goal to find a rendes (Hungarian for "normal" per Google translate.) 30+ single man to teach. Well one day we were streeting and we stopped an older man. He was really nice, but not interested. As he was ending the conversation to move on, I felt like I should ask him for a referral. I know we should be asking everyone we ever talk to, but it's a lot easier said than done- especially when streeting. Well luckily I quickly asked him at the end as he was about to walk away because he surprisingly said yes. He gave us his son's phone number. Well we met with him and he fits that goal's description. Hopefully all will go well with that. We had no idea how through everything else this week, we would also be able to focus on our own companionship goals. But, no matter how many responsibilites we have, no matter what is expected of us- everything goes better when you do the Lord's work His way. Ether 3:5 I don't know if I can do it all, but I know He can. 
Mindig szeretlek,
Curtin Nővér

p.s. The little details:
Pictures- 1. One of my splits was with my MTC companion Sister Peterson. Weird to be together a year later. It was fun though. Already to 40 days? What? Where is time going...? (Michelle is counting up to 100. I am counting down. Only 60 days until she comes home!) 
2. The other picture if of her goal wall. I asked her what the word nap meant. She said "day". I think she is count the goals and miracles for each day left in her 100 days.
p.p.s. Next week is a mini-transfer. That means Tuesday will be the next e-mail. Hopefully I'll get to stay, but they do want us to go "back into the field" before the end of our missions and that's a lot sooner than has sunk in. I guess we'll see. Whatever the call, it'll be good.