Monday, February 3, 2014

...and just when I thought I had used up all of our miracles...

Well it's been another great week. Zsolt's still doing great. It was really cool to see him stand up in church yesterday and everyone support him receiving the Aaronic priesthood. But that definitely wasn't the only good part about this week.
Here's just one other:
On Saturday, Sister Burdick had an interview, but we also had a program planned with one of our new investigators, so Sister Smith (our mission president's wife) came and taught with me. I was a little nervous about teaching the program, but it ended up being one of my favorites. We sat down with our cute investigator and she started off by explaining how strongly she had felt the spirit when she said the closing prayer in our first program with her. So that of course, started off our lesson really well. We had planned to teach her the plan of salvation. As we started laying out the steps of God's plan, she started sharing some very cool experiences. She told us some details about a time when she had technically died for 10 minutes and through that experience had learned about agency in God's plan and our purpose for being here. As we continued to teach, she kept saying "yeah, this is it". Everything she had experienced and learned on her own, was coming together in front of her as we reminded her about the Plan of Salvation. She agreed to be baptized. She then said "What do I need to do to prepare?"
For some reason it still amazes me how I constantly get to be apart of these experiences. I sometimes feel like "Wow, that was such a miracle! I'm so grateful. But I guess now I'm probably out of miracles and just need to endure through the hard times to show gratitude for what I've received thus far". Well apparently there's no need for budgeting because there is no overdraw or account balance for miracles.
That wasn't the only one. Here are a few more: The game again led us across the city through millions of apartments and "by chance" to one of our English class students homes who let us come in and teach to him and his wife, one of the last people we streeted was a super classy lady who was walking her dog and had tons of great questions and should now hopefully be coming to church on Sunday, we met with another English class student who decided to bring her daughter and now we get to teach to both of them, we've seen family history help unify

Curtin Nover and Burdick Nover

some families, we had a a super long tracting day go by quickly without us freezing, oh and the weather is beautiful today... and that's not even all of them...
Michelle said these pictures were taken at the Mattias Church.
They are Elders Young and Gooderidge, but I am not sure which is which.

Why? Why do the miracles never run out? Well in the wise words of a 4 year old- "He just loves us."
Szeretlek mindig,
Curtin nővér
p.s. The little details:
1. Just in any apartment complex, sometimes you have to put up with rowdy neighbors who blast music all night. The only difference about where we live is that our neighbors are about 80 years old and they're blasting organ music...
2. Pictures! 

The Inside

Well this weekend was successful. On Saturday we walked into the church building to help set up for the baptism, and there was Zsolt already there. He was cleaning the windows to help those who were there for the weekly church cleaning. Already serving. Little does he realize, he was already fulfilling

his baptismal covenants before the actual baptism. When we walked in, we asked him what he was doing and he jokingly said "Well, I'm cleaning the outside before the inside".
The baptismal service went well. There were a lot of little and big miracles that day which are a conversation for another time. I'm very grateful to have been a part of this whole process. There is so much to learn about the atonement, it's a miraculous thing.
Now it's just onward and upward.
For me too. 
The last several transfers I've learned more and more about how much I need to change. But I've also learned that I'm a lot more happy when I'm progressing. When I'm backtracking or even just staying at a stand still, it just doesn't feel good. It's hard to change, but we're a lot happier when we're willing to change and progress. Because that's why we are here.
Hope all is well at home and you're not freezing too much, it's sure getting cold. Stay warm, stay happy, and keep improving.
Szeretlek mindig,
Curtin nővér
p.s. The little details- picture time again :)
1. Zsolt's baptism. No offense to Hungarians, but they can be really happy and then suddenly we stick them in front of the camera and they don't know how to smile. so..
2. This is me teaching Zsolt how to smile for a camera
3. This is him trying
4. and this is Sister Burdick and I.