Sunday, October 19, 2014

Prepare to Serve Interview: Gospel Message (Hungarian)

Alright. Here's the last video from the interview. Despite the gross amount of grammar mistakes and the botched word order, I really do mean all I say in it (well the meaning behind all I say). The message was meant for future missionaries serving in Hungary. The gist of what I say (for the few of you who don't speak Hungarian...) is that I'm grateful for the experiences I had there and that I'm grateful for all I learned about progression in this life and how these experiences are worth it. na tessek:

Szeretlek mindig,

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  1. It's not bad. :) It's a pity the sisters have to go home when they are getting good with the language, so they can't keep practicing in a native environment.

    There was a report on Hungarian TV about the mormons last year where some of the missionaries spoke Hungarian.

    Here it is if you haven't seen it. (It showed me a 18+ warning for some reason, but it's nothing naughty. :) It's a short TV report about the mormons in Hungary):

    One of the elders on the video called Magda speaks pretty well. You may know him.


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