Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Prepare to Serve: How my premission blog helped in a conversion (LDS)

Well this is a little inception-like. This next video is a video about me telling a story on my blog about the effects of my blog. Yeah see if you can keep it straight...

(He gave me permission to tell this story/ post it here. He may write his own thoughts about it later, and I'll add them eventually).

I know some people are curious about "the game" we were playing- it's one we made up and it's called "Rejection". It's a great language learning game too :p
So basically, we made a list of all of the excuses people would give us about why they couldn't talk to us and then we matched those up with a direction.
We chose a starting point and started playing.
So for example, maybe we would start at the first building on a street at the first door.
"I'm Catholic" they'd say and slam the door. So we'd look at our game and follow the directions to the building at the next intersection.
We'd ring the next bell and hear "sorry, I'm in a hurry" and so we'd look at the game and follow the direction onto the bus and ride it for one stop.
The next bell would say "I'm not interested", so we'd look at the game and follow the directions to the next green door.
It literally took us all over the city to basically every corner or our tracting area in one day.

To be fair, we also said a sincere prayer before leaving the house that day. And the angels decided they wanted to play with us ;) The first time we played that game we got let in twice (we hadn't been let in at all that whole week) and it led us to Zsolt.

Me teaching Zsolt how to smile for a picture

I think I also learned from this experience that God, although he gives us trials and expected exact obedience, also wants us to enjoy the work.
We had fun because it turned all of that rejection into an adventure. And eventually a baptism.

Love Always,

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