Sunday, August 3, 2014

Prepare To Serve Interview: Overcoming Personal Challenges at the MTC


This one is about the MTC. Sometimes I still wonder how I got through the fire that they call the MTC. This is just one vaguely explained  experiences from my time there. 

Looking back on that personal, yet challenging experience in the MTC I can now see a couple possible reasons I needed to go through it. Like I said in my previous video, I didn't really ever plan on going on a mission. It wasn't "my" plan. I think one of the reasons why that experience was a blessing was to know that I really did choose and want to be there. They gave me the opt-out option. In fact, many even tried to encourage me to just go home. That would have been really nice and really easy. Missions are not easy and I had an easy way to go home without really needing to feel bad about it. But somehow through that process I was reminded again that I did need to go and I was choosing to go. It also gave me a little extra strength on those incredibly hard days to remember that yes, despite the trial, I wanted to stay.

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  1. Were there people who went home from the MTC when you were there? I wonder how often it happens that someone changes his or her mind at the MTC and aborts the mission.


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