Saturday, August 2, 2014

Prepare To Serve Interview: Mission Call and Prep for the Mission

Here's the next clip from the interview. This one is about opening my mission call and how I prepared for my mission.

I really was surprised when I opened my call. I remember cheating and looking down to the line (even though I hadn't planned on it) and reading: Hungary Budapest. Which, of course I pronounced wrong like 90% of Americans. I really didn't know what to think.
Once I found out about the language, I got obsessed. I started listening to and music. That's a habit of mine, I tend to get really obsessed about one thing at a time (like a sport, painting, wolves... don't ask... I've gone through some phases...) and at that time my obsession was trying to learn the language. I remember I would listen to the podcast or some sort of Hungarian music on my ipod while weeding in the front yard. Did it help? In the end, not by much. I don't speak Hungarian better than other missionaries, but one thing it did help with was confidence. Even just being familiar with the sound of the language, helped it become more natural. And I still love Hungarian Disney music :)

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  1. I think it's a myth Hungarian is one of the hardest languages. It's a myth which usually Hungarians themselves also fuel, because it can a be source of pride for a nation if they speak a hard language. :) I don't think Russian or some other language is easier. The truth is every language is hard unless it's close to your own language. Is German easier where you have to learn the gender of every single noun (a dog is masculine, a lamp is feminine, a girl is neuter, etc.)? At least Hungarian does not have genders and the prononuciation is easy, because words are prononunced as they are written. BTW, if you check out missonary videos on Youtube most of them say the language they learned was hard. E.g. Dutch:

    As for Disney songs: they are interesting, because they must be rewritten to match the mouth movements of the characters, so the song often differs from the original.

    Interestingly, in case of Frozen some English speaking commenters say they like the Hungarian lyrics and the singer better than the original:

    Better quality, but without subtitles:


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