Thursday, July 31, 2014

Prepare To Serve Interview: How I Decided to Serve a Mission

A couple weeks ago I interviewed with a cute little family who has been working on an internet site that has resources from returned missionaries to help new missionaries prepare. They've chopped up my interview into different sections so I'll post one here every couple days with a little elaboration.

Video 1: How I Decided to Serve a Mission

I've written about several experiences on this blog that already elaborate on this part of the experience, such as this one. It was not an easy decision to go. I still sometimes wonder how I got there in the first place, but I did. I went, I served and I returned.

Love Always,

p.s. for the record- my hair drives me crazy in these videos too :)


  1. You can embed all of your videos as a playlist if you copy the embed code from here:

    A magyar videód egész jó. Kár, hogy amikorra megtanulják a nővérek a nyelvet, akkor gyorsan haza is küldik őket. :)

  2. Oh, I see you want to elaborate on the videos. In this case, scratch my comment about embedding the playlist. It is a better idea to post them one by one and add more info on them.

  3. Are you going to go back to visit Hungary someday?

    1. I'd love to go back, but I don't think I can afford it. First I have to figure out how to pay for school :)


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