Monday, July 7, 2014

Dead Ends

Sometimes God allows us to take the wrong path for a while, so that we can be 100% certain that we're on the right one when we get back.

When I was in High School, we moved across the country. It was a time for new beginnings. I loved (and still love) art and in the area we moved to was a charter art school. Normally the school was really hard to get into, but I thought I'd give it a try. I had to go to the school and sketch in person as I was watched and judged. It was really intimidating. Well... I got in! It was really exciting. Yet, I still wanted to pray about the decision to go to that school vs. the public school.

So I prayed. And I felt good about it. And I went.

The first day at that art school was fun, until the last class. The last class just felt so weird to me, and I couldn't figure out why. But, I had chosen to go there right? So I got up the next day and went to school again. Once again, I didn't feel good there. It was really frustrating.

So I prayed again.

This time I felt like I should go to the public school. But why??
Why would I have felt good about one decision only to have that not work out?

Well at the time I didn't understand. Now, I could give you a million reasons.
I chose to transfer to the public school and because of my time there, I gained important friends and experiences that I wouldn't change for anything. It also made it possible for me to graduate early, allowing me to start my studies at BYU when my family chose to move back to Utah after what would have been my Junior year.

Yet, because I know myself - I know that if I would have just started at the public school, foregoing the art school altogether, I would have forever wondered "what if". But because God allowed me to travel down the wrong path for 2 days, now I know that even though the public school was hard, it was the right choice.

Love Always,

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