Thursday, May 22, 2014


Another couple weeks of the returned life. Honestly, it's going pretty good. But, of course, it's not as perfect as missionary schedules allow things to be. I think every returned missionary thinks they're still going to study for hours on end. Well, reality-check: they won't. 

But there still are things we can do to make our studies more meaningful. One thing that has helped me is to take advantage of a combination of technology blessings. 

I no longer have hours scheduled in the morning to study, nor do I carry around a quad of scriptures everywhere I go (I guess I'm adjusting alright then). BUT I do have a decent phone. I have the LDS library app on my phone and read the scriptures consistently when I have a few blocks or time throughout the day. But that in itself, didn't feel like a real "study", so enter app #2...

The app "" is a RM saver. It's a sort of to-do list app. As I read my scriptures, I read until I find something "to-do". Basically I read until I find something that I should do better, then I go ahead and add it to my to-do list (things like "Write in your journal", "Work on genealogy", "Find a way to serve someone"...) Then, every night at 9pm- a whitehandbook flashback- my phone lets me know its time to plan and either check off or reschedule my to-do list. 

I love it. It's been a life-saver trying to do it all. Well, now that I wrote this blog post I can go cross it off my to-do list :)
Love Always,

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