Thursday, May 8, 2014


Back in the US. I guess I should have expected the Hungary/Hungry jokes to come on. Here are my top two so far:

1. Introducing myself in my singles ward-
Me: My name is Michelle, I just got back from Hungary.
Relief Society President: Well, there's a munch and mingle after this...

2. Talking to my 5 year old niece-
Me: Okay Hailey, we can play for a little while but then I need to eat lunch. I'm still Hungry.
*she suddenly grabs my hand and takes me over to my name tag. Picking it up, she says...
Hailey: Look at this. THINK about what I'm trying to tell you
Me: Ummm... uhhh I don't know.
Hailey: Okay I'll give you a clue. Jesus fed the....
Me: Sheep?
Hailey: NO! The HUNGARY. I learned that at church. Let's go get lunch.

Photo: "Fareys welcum" we set up the fairy village today. (Thanks Jennifer Kamp)

so keep bein' Hungary
Love Always,


  1. I love her perspective, beautiful! Thanks for sharing pretty gal!

  2. Your conversation with Hailey is hilarious. Thanks for sharing.


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