Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Last Convert


Every area I've served in I've been able to see those I've taught change, grow and make the covenant of baptism. Each one has come after a lot of hardship. We probably tracted and streeted several thousand people before we had the blessing of seeing one all the way through to baptism. But each one was worth it. 

The other day I was recording the names of all of those converts in the front of my planner. A few from every city. Some from Pécs, Nyíregyháza, Szombathely and Buda. Each full of so many great memories. Then Kispest. There seemed to be an empty line on that list of converts.

I knelt down several times to ask- what do I need to do to find that convert here in Kispest. Who is she? Where is she? There has been at least one convert in every area I served. Where is the one for Kispest?

As I wrote in my journal after my prayer, I got my answer. YOU are your last convert. 

A few weeks ago I finished my mission-long project. In the MTC I started a Book of Mormon project of how to gain a relationship with Christ. Once I was done with that, I marked a new copy with how to strengthen my relationship with the Holy Ghost, and that snow balled into the final one of how to solidify my relationship with my Heavenly Father. 
 As I wrapped up the project and my mission, I reflected. Have I really strengthened my relationship with the Godhead? Have I truly been converted? At first it didn't really feel like it. I continued to reflect on that all the way through conference.

The opening song of the first session gave me all I needed. Lead Kindly Light. I knew it before, but I still needed to be reminded. Conversion is a life long process. All that matters is that I'm converted enough to take the next step. "One step enough for me." I felt that confirmation. I can go home converted enough to take the next step.

That being said, we also had a wonderful time in Kispest. 3 of our investigators accepted a baptismal date this week. Each one of them has taken the next step. They've started to trust the Lord and seen blessings. And I've been blessed because of their examples.
My mission has been one giant miracle. Each person I've worked with has been such a huge blessing in my life. I've learned that the Lord literally loves each one of the people I've worked with. And the amazing thing is that He loves me too. He gave me a beautiful mission, He kept his promises and He gave me more than I could have asked for.
It's true. The Lord has been patient and reconfirmed that to me about a million times. And it'll still be true a million times later. God lives He loves us. He just loves us.
Love Always,
Curtin nővér
p.s. The little details
1. My name is not Hungarian, but our investigator Laci has declared April 7th as my name day. He was super nice and got me some little gifts and made us lunch yesterday to celebrate Michelle's name day :) 
2. Picutres!! :) 
-Sandor and his family. I found them just a couple days ago- I streeted him and he walked us back to his home and let us teach that day. Sunday in between conference sessions we went back to sing hymns with them. One of my favorite memories from Kispest. 
-My last Hailey picture- I've taken a picture with my niece Hailey (her drawing) in every city I've served in
-our whole district from the MTC. A lot and a little change all at the same time
-Sister Naegle and I a few weeks ago in Buda
3. Dear America- see you on Thursday :)

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