Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Second Person

Sometimes God leads us to one person not because that person is ready, but because someone behind them is. 
Let me explain story-wise...
So last week I told the story of our long tracting. At the end of that a guy let us in. Well this last week we went back. When we first showed up, we couldn't go in because there wasn't another woman at home. We just talked in the stairwell. Then his sister showed up. She joined in and just quietly sat in the back. Then his mom got home and we started the lesson. We taught about the Restoration and they were really nice, but not particularly receptive. In the end, they didn't even want to set up again. At first it was a major disappointment. But then, as we were about to leave, the sister piped up. 
"Um before you leave, can I ask you a question?" She wanted to know if partying, etc was a sin. She listened as we talked about direction from the prophets and the atonement. She thanked us. We were way disappointed that the family wasn't willing to meet with us again. Especially because we were so excited meeting that guy after a long tracting day. 

The next day, we were talking on the way to tracting and Sister Naegle talked about how great it would be to run into his sister on the street. I agreed, but said I wasn't sure if I would recognize her among the thousands of people in this city. Sister Naegle replied "Well, if she really needs it, we'll recognize her." And the on the way back, who do we see? There she was, and I recognized her right away. She said hi to us and said she had just turned around to go back to her friends house because the shoes she was wearing were too uncomfortable. We talked to her a little on the street and she agreed to let us bring her a For the Strength of Youth Pamphlet. Whatever comes of it, it was a great example to me that God knows His work. He knows his children better than we do and when one thing seems to be unsuccessful, we just have to look onto the second person.  

Well thanks for all of your prayers, emails and thoughts. I'm grateful for you all. I don't know who was praying for me who normally doesn't but I sure felt it :) Thanks. I don't know what the next couple weeks of my mission hold, but I'm sure it'll be great. This Saturday one of my sweet investigators (Zolis wife) will be getting baptized in Szombathely and another will be getting baptized in Buda. And the work rolls forward.
Szeretlek Mindig,
Curtin nővér
p.s. The little details
1. Picture- we forgot AGAIN to take a picture together until we were already here in the internet place, so that's the best you get
2. Soccer is big here - so big that it can be confused for a natural disaster. 
3. This week our ward had a combined dinner. Then they had a cultural moment where someone talked about mushrooms for an hour. I learned a lot.

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