Monday, March 24, 2014


Sister Naegle asked me if I would write my mission advice to her since I'm about to kick the bucket. As a true néni, I will happily oblige...
*Smile- don't let your body show the stress you are feeling as you find. Then you'll stop being stressed anyway.
*Pray about, then make, then follow through with study plans.
*Extreme obedience brings extreme blessings.
*Progress- always do something significantly better than the previous transfer. Changing doesn't mean what you where before was bad, but rather what you will be is great.
*Serve and be served.
*Be clean- there's truth to the uplifting spirit of a clean home.
*Allow yourself to do cheesy things you love. Don't let embarrassment keep you from your talents.
*Don't cut yourself short by justifying yourself against others.
*FIRST TO THE LORD, THEN to your mission president THEN to your companion- loyalty to all.

*Be brave enough to be specific with your prayers.
*Listen and clarify- somehow they need to know you care or how will they know God does?
*Study for them- have a page in your study journal for inspiration you get for each person.
*Write down thoughts after each lesson.
*Have faith in them- expect them to do what’s right, but don't blame yourself when they don't.
*Don't be apologetic with extending commitments.
*Always aim for the end goal, but be grateful for all the progress and planted seeds and blessing along the way.
*Doors and people are not dependent on each other. Don't assume because the last 10 doors were shut that the next will.
*Pray with them for their friends and family BY name and need.
*Whatever you do should be towards helping them be self-reliant. (Example- teaching them HOW to lead rather than leading the music each week.)
*The fastest way to win their trust is by being strictly obedient and diligent- DON'T stay for more than an hour!
*Follow through with calling them brother and sister.
*Invite lots of different members to lessons- you'll always be blessed for trying to get members to lessons even if it seems logical that your investigator isn't ready for that.
*Talk to them about their friends and family and pray for each one of them by name and need.

*Don't count straws- don't do the whole "it’s your turn to buy...". If you are selfless it'll fall into place and if not, you'll be blessed anyway.
*Keep conversations uplifting and inspiring ("we speak of Christ, we rejoice in Christ")
*Have fun IN the work, not out of it. I promise it is possible.
*Play finding games.
*Just love them. You won’t look back and think of the stupid things they did, but rather you'll look back and think that it’s stupid you were ever bugged by it.
*Pray for them in lessons and in finding and in your personal and comp prayers.
*Always support and follow their instruction. Miracles happen just by making the choice to try our advice. You will be blessed.
*Pray for them.
*Ask about their successes and their testimony.
I could go on and on like a true néni but there's your rough draft of sorts. Enjoy your mission.

szeretlek mindig,
Curtin nővér

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