Monday, March 24, 2014



This week was great. Sister Naegle even said it was the best of her mission so far. For me- it was real and I really liked that. On Tuesday night, the elders didn't get back in time to let us into the building so we had to teach outside. We walked down by the city building and sat on a bench. The weather was great, the lighting of the city and moon unique, and the sound of the kids playing in the square very Hungarian. One lady we are teaching is one of my favorites. She is nice and rendes (I asked Michelle was rendes means, she said, "rendes doesn't translate, but I kind of like to translate it to spiffy or put together.") and even brings us chocolate all the time. We just sat and talked about the restoration and we also talked about her life, her fears and her dreams. These moments are so real. I have come to love these people so much. Moments like those don't mean so much to everyone else, but boy do they mean a lot to me!

Another moment this week, we taught that lady I wrote about last time. She opened up to me about the hardships of her life. Or another moment sitting in the fire station and talking to the guys about the plan of salvation. Or another moment when we ran into the elders on the street but then left them mid-sentence to street a spunky looking girl who is now going to be meeting with us tonight. The moments are real and these people are real. I certainly have grown to love them. 

They compliment us often for the sacrifice we've made to come here, but they don't really realize what we've gone through for them. They don't really know how hard it can be. I have sacrificed so much for these people- I've gone though SO much for them. But because of that, I love them that much more. It's worth it because they're worth it. These moments are really worth it and the other reality is that I now only have a little bit more than 2 weeks to enjoy every last moment. Every last screech of the villamos every last kick out of a building, every climb up 10 stories, every last knelt prayer. Every moment is worth it and leads to another hundred worth-while moments. 

That's the reality.
Szeretlek mindig,
Curtin Nővér
P.S. The little details:
1. Apparently it is technically rude to talk during dinner (only before or after the meal), but no one actually follows that.
2. The fire alarm at the fire station plays epic music before it announces who needs to go.
3. A Hungarian bought peanut butter for us to use on the palacsintas (Hungarian pancakes) she made for us. Then later she gave it all to us, because it's weird. :) 

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