Monday, March 31, 2014

Homeward Bound


There's a song on my iPod from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir called Homeward Bound. The chorus goes somewhat as such: "Bind me not to the pasture, chain me not to the plow. Set me free to find my calling and I'll return to you somehow".
This is it. This is the return home. The words of that hymn ring pretty true. I really feel that through this call to serve I found my calling. Over 500 days have ticked by and are coming to a close in just over a week. The seasons changed, and life moves on. Over 500 days ago I arrived in this country knowing nothing of the language and little about myself. Now I'm on the flip side and I still know little about the language, but I feel I've learned much more about myself. I feel I've szó szerint found my calling within this calling and I hope I can stick with it. 

Before my mission, my little brother commented on me leaving "She's going to change". My pre-mission self didn't like that statement. For some reason I thought that if a change had to be made, that meant the first version was a total waste. Well now I hope that I've changed and that those changes (the good ones) can stick and I hope to continue to change. I feel like my mission has just been a huge opportunity to sort out my desires and receive direction for my future and somehow I've still been blessed with miracles along the way. Like this week...
This is potentially one of my favorite miracles of my mission thus far. In our apartment, we have a bunch of supplies. One day as we were cleaning, we opened a copy of the Book of Mormon and inside was a note written to a Szilvia. Well I like a good challenge, so we decided to find her. We made it one of our weekly goals- FIND SZILVIA. As we were out and about around the city, we searched for her. On every csengő we looked for her name. We prayed for her throughout the week and literally went out searching for her. Well then the week started coming to a close and we still hadn't found her. But we didn't stop praying for her. Then the miracle...

For the first time on my mission, we got a text asking if we could meet. The text vaguely translated said the following "Hi, my name is ___ Szilvia, I want to know if I can come to you for English".
Yesterday we met with her. We sat down with her for one of my favorite lessons of all time. She let us know that she wasn't just there for English, but had also decided to put God first in her life and trust Him more. She opened up to me and told me about her life. She comes from a culture with a lot of chained baggage and burdens. She's gone through things that no one should ever have to. But she said, with trials like that- it's so important not to give way to Satan. No leeway at all. Instead, make something of yourself, your life and let God in on your goals. She wants to share her experiences, she wants to help and change peoples perspectives. We gave her that Book of Mormon with her name already in it. God knows her by name.

One of our other investigators the other day said "Christ said we should also love those who are our enemies. It's not that easy. If you can master that- that is true Glory".
Szilvia is glorious. I left that program on the verge of tears of gratitude. I turned to Sister Naegle "that's why I came to Hungary".
Yesterday was amazing for me. Every goal, every dream I had for my mission was fulfilled is some way throughout church and that lesson. If that had been the end, I'd be satisfied. I feel I've found my calling and I am literally homeward bound this week. I'm excited for my final full week in the country, but I'm also so grateful for the past dozens and the fullness and calling they've provided.
See you soon. 
Szeretlek Mindig,
Curtin Nővér
P.S. The little details...
1. This morning our washer broke. So, I washed my clothes by hand and they are now hanging on a rack above the bathtub. 
2. If I come home larger, it's because I plan to eat a couple tudo rudis this week, a true Hungarian treat. Sorry I can't bring you any. They have to be refrigerated. 
3. This weekend is both conference and the election and my last weekend in the country. It'll be full. 

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