Tuesday, February 25, 2014



Well week 1 in Kispest. So far it's been great. Honestly I feel like this is one of those changes that teaches me about how God often gives us blessings that are better than what we would have asked for ourselves. I would have been very happy to stay in Buda as a Sister Training Leader with Sister Burdick, but now that I'm here training Sister Naegle in Kispest, something just feels right about it.
That doesn't mean it's been easy though. We have just 1 solid investigator from the transfer before, so back to the ground work I go just like every other new area during my mission. I guess it feels natural. The miracles do come though, it just takes 200 doors first.
One of the first days we were together, we had a good 5 hours to do tracting. So we tracted. and tracted - in the rain. Not even our soggy hair and american accents were helping us get into homes. We literally tracted the whole street (it's long) for 5 hours. Not a single person let us in. We had 10 minutes before we needed to go home, but there was one more house on the street. So, we tracted one more house and what happens at the last door in missionary work? They let you in.
A super nice 20 something year old guy named Tibor let us in. Tibor and his mom are both religious. We had a cool, short lesson and Sister Naegle even got to practice what we had learned in the 12 week program that day, and asked him to kneel when we said the closing prayer. He gave us his number and hopefully we'll get to meet with him and his mom soon.
So maybe that's how it's going to be. I only have a few more weeks on my mission. It might be tracting in the rain for 6 weeks straight, but I feel like there's at least 1 more good thing that needs to happen before I head out.
Szeretlek mindig,
Curtin Nővér

P.S. The little details- pictures
1. Kispest. It's defiantly not the prettiest city I've served in yet, but the diversity and the amount of people makes it fascinating
and beautiful.
2. We didn't have a picture together, so we tried to take one on our way down in the elevator this morning. Didn't quite work, but at least you know we exist. 

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