Monday, January 20, 2014

Year Mark

 Our tri companionship. Sister Geröly, me and sister Westover

Transfers went well, Sister Burdick and I became companions exactly a year after we came to the country together. It's been pretty fun so far and also really busy. Our investigator passed his baptismal interview so if all goes well, we have a baptism to plan for this Saturday. 
We also got to go to Jeti's baptism this last Saturday. I briefly mentioned Jeti in an email a few weeks ago. She is the elder's investigator but we met with her one day when a member invited her over for dinner and since then we've been great friends. Jeti is a great example to me of a principle that I've heard about and experienced a lot lately. That is, if you want a testimony of a commandment- try living it. 
When we met with Jeti and the member, they talked about living the life of a Mormon before becoming a member. Jeti decided right then and there to try it. She started getting into the habits of a Mormon that very next day- such as reading the scriptures daily and living all of the commandments. It was cool to see her excitement for it all. When I walked into the church on the day of her baptism, she came running up and gave me a huge hug. She was so excited. She said the next day, that her baptism brought tons of happiness and her confirmation brought tons of peace. It was also cool that in church, the talk referred to that same principle that she applied. If you want to have a testimony of God, live his commandments. If you live his commandments, your testimony of God will grow and because of that, you'll want to keep the commandments even more. Once you start that cycle, only blessing await. All of these recent converts and investigators are such great examples to me of how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a church of application. We live what we believe. There is living proof here that the church is the one and only true church of Christ as people apply the fullness of the gospel in their lives and then see the fruits of it. 
Well we have a lot ahead of us this week with a baptism to plan, other investigators to teach, splits to do, and a cold to get over.
So far so good though and I'm excited to see what the next miracles are. 

szeretlek mindig,
Curtin nővér
p.s. The little details: Pictures
1. our tri companionship. Sister Geröly, me and sister Westover (at the top of the blog)
2. Jeti and I on her baptismal day! :)
3. Hungarians love their dogs.

4. Lion King - Remember who you are!

5. This lady fed the birds and then they followed her into the city like she was the queen.

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