Monday, January 20, 2014

At One Ment

(Note this entry was from last week. I realized that I never posted it because I was having computer issues and was very busy leaving for a sister weekend in Seattle with my sisters. I am sorry. This post was from January 14, 2014. I didn't want to leave it off the blog. This is a wonderful letter from Michelle.)


Well first things first: Transfers. I am staying here in Buda and Sister Burdick (one of the other sisters from my MTC group) will be coming here to be a Sister Training Leader with me.
Wow, so this week? It was really busy. We had a fantastic missionary leadership council where we made the goals for the upcoming year. Although I won't be here for all of it, it was a special opportunity to be able to be apart of the vision of the mission. We made some goals, took some time to pray about them together, felt good and now we'll go forward in diligence to see the miracles.
Right after that I went to Győr to go on splits with Sister Rupard. I love having that opportunity as a leader. It was such a great split and I always feel so inspired by the sisters I serve. We also had a new, temporary companion for this week- Sister Geröly (Tia from Szombathely). She got to the mission a week early, so as a tender mercy, we got to have her as our companion for a week. I love her so much. It was so cool to see that transition from the member I knew and worked with in Szombathely and then now new missionary. She is doing so great and I know she is going to be a huge part of the work moving forward here in Hungary. 
So with balancing all of those leadership responsibilities, we still had a lot of other things to do. We had a great week, preparing 2 people for baptism and meeting with a lot of other progressing investigators. It's been such a blessing to have worked so incredibly hard with Sister Westover during the holidays with seeing very little results, and now suddenly there is so much to do and so many people to meet with I don't know how to fit it all in. Blessings are always in the Lord's timing. No matter what, this is definitely the Lord's work and it is definitely being hastened.
Many wonderful miracles happened this last week that I don't even know which to tell. But throughout each miracle there has been an intertwined theme- that is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. As we've met with people, I've seen different aspects of the atonement's many merciful gifts.
1. Overcoming weakness- Even our little quirks are covered by the atonement. The purpose of the atonement is for us to use that gift to become more like the One who gave it. One of our sweet investigators really struggles with confidence. And no, he didn't suddenly go from shy to superstar, but as we have been meeting with him- even just a few times, I've see the slight change in him as he has grown closer to his Savior. 

We also met with a cute less active mother. She asked us about how to overcome our weaknesses. She has rowdy young children and understandably her patience suffers. He won't perfect us over night, but as we accept the help from the One who is perfectly patience we are allowed to be more patient then we were yesterday. As we apply the atonement daily, we slowly, yet still incredibly overcome our faults and weaknesses.
2. The Resurrection- Because of Christ, we will all one day be resurrected. We are teaching an older man we met tracting. He told us he wanted to know what we believed would happen after this life. It scares him. We taught him the plan of salvation and in his closing prayer he asked God to let him know that this was true, so that he didn't have to keep worrying about what will happen. Because of Christ and his atonement, we can have that assurance.
3. Complete Change and Forgiveness- This one still amazes me. We read about it in the scriptures with people like Alma, but to see it in play in real life is incredible. The atonement of Jesus Christ can take someone from the depths and gulf of darkness and sin to the glorious road to Celestial salvation. In the past several weeks I've seen indescribable change in some of our investigators. I am incredibly humbled to be able to be a missionary during a time where I can see how someone can use the Atonement of Christ to go from absolute sin to potential rendes (no idea how to translate that to English)(Google translate said, normal or ordinary) priesthood holder. No matter where you've been or what you've been, the atonement's gift of forgiveness is there. It's real.
I wish you all could be here to witness these things and see first hand. I couldn't portray the depth of these miracles no matter what language I tried. The atonement is real. Don't fight against the gift of the atonement. Use your agency to accept it. We can overcome our weaknesses by being better than we were yesterday. We will live again because of His life and we can be forgiven. Not alone. But because of Him, we can.
Szeretlek mindig,
Curtin növér
p.s. the little details I'll send in picture form :) my mom's favorite.
Eagle on a castle. This one is for my grandpa Darrell Erickson. He loves eagles.
Michelle with the Carpenters before they left. They were the office couple missionaries.
Missionaries at play.
Working on a foggy day

Michelle and Heni

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