Monday, November 18, 2013

More pictures - the little details

The little details in pictures: 

1. Bowling on preparation day with the City. 
2. Cool flower that bloomed in my window before I left Szombathely.
3. Us with Gabor, a super awesome member in Szombathely.
4. Sister Daniels and I at the train station.

The City

Well it was hard to say goodbye to Szombathely. This investigator (see picture) who Sister Peterson and I found tracting was my last lesson before I left. He's getting baptized next month :) 

So now I'm here in the big city,Budapest, specifically Buda. I was a little worried about coming to the city, because almost my whole mission I've been used to opening or re-opening the city for sisters. Well it's been kind of a weird blessing since I got here, because it almost feels the same. We have very few investigators from before so we've had a lot of finding to do. It's felt a  lot like the work I did in the other cities: start from scratch and hit the ground running (or finding). Sister Westover and I have some more huge goals for our time together and we're really excited about it. I think things will go well. Sister Westover and I have very similar perspectives on missionary work and we're excited to work together to be super obedient and diligent. So far this week has been a lot of tracting, but we've actually enjoyed it so far. It's been an exhausting week, but worth it. 

Our mission is studying a Christlike attribute every week until Christmas. Last week was faith as Sister Westover and I made some faithful goals. This week is hope. Hope that we can start achieving them. The goals we made will involve literally a change to the mission. Numbers will need to be more than double and we'll need to see a lot of changes by January. But, since we are in leadership positions and since Elder Teixeira made some pretty specific promises to us while he was here, we feel like it's possible. I think it's pretty fitting to be studying hope this week. Hope is about attitude and about trust that God's promises will be fulfilled. We've been given some promises and we're hopeful that we can do what it takes to obtain them. Well I HOPE that you all have a fantastic week. A great Thanksgiving (No, as far as I know we are not celebrating it. We'll be preparing for going on splits with some sisters and traveling to the other side of the country- but I hope you all enjoy it). 

Szeretlek Mindig,
Curtin nővér
P.s. The little details are coming in picture form
1. Us with our investigator after my last program with him
2. My tri-companionship all dressed up for transfers at the train station- :)
3. Sister Westover and I today