Monday, September 9, 2013

Maradni Fogok‏

Note from Michelle's mom: This entry should have gone before the one I just posted. I realized I forgot to post last week. Sorry, busy week. Michelle was not able to upload pictures from the library, so these photos are from older ones I have.

So transfer calls came this morning, no surprise, Sister Peterson and I are staying together here in Szombathely so I can finish training her. This next transfer will be 10 weeks long though so that means a few things: This will be the city I've been in the longest and this will be the companion I've had the longest. We have at least one baptism to prepare for so we will be busy for sure.
Speaking of our baptism- Zoli. He has decided to keep his date as October 19th. But one exciting thing this week is that his wife has now became a new investigator :) She even came to church on Sunday. We gave Zoli a copy of the Book of Mormon for him to write his testimony in and give to his wife. It's so exciting and great to see him already doing missionary work within his family and to see the receptiveness. It also works out well because we have almost finished teaching Zoli everything he needs and now we can start over and he can help us teach his wife, super exciting!
So this last week Sister Peterson did a consecration week. We did a 7 day SYL and aimed for as many working hours as possible. It was a Standard of Excellence week. We have a bunch of new investigators and we are really excited to be able to stay together and keep things going. (Fun side note- Sister Peterson and I will be together for our birthdays which are both this month. Hers on the 29th and mine on the 30th. She's almost exactly a year younger than me. Hopefully we can find something fun to do for our birthdays :)
Hope you all have a Megszellent week!
Szeretlek mindig,
Curtin Nővér
P.S. The little details:
1. So sad story- our internet place that we so dearly loved, died without warning. So we are emailing in the library which takes me back to the days of the MTC- a blinking timer as to when I have to finish, also possibly no picture sending capabilities but I have yet to attempt so we will see.
2. Recipe for my favorite breakfast: Müzli (oatmeal type stuff), milk, a glop of Nutella, some fresh peaches, and a microwave. Oh so good.
3. Felmagasztosulás is one of my favorite Hungarian words. If I typed it write it means exaltation.  


Boldog hétet,

You know how I like doing themes/goals every transfer? Well this transfer is super long (10 weeks) so Sister Peterson and I decided to do something a little different. We are doing a different theme every week that has to do with talents/spiritual gifts. This week is Happiness (boldogság). So naturally, this week has been good. Today we went and got happy meals at Makies (Mcdonalds). Only in Hungary could that bring happiness.

On a more serious, happy note, earlier this week I had a really cool experience. I think I mentioned that I have been translating testimonies that you all have sent to me and have been writing them in copies of the Book of Mormon. This has been really fun for me. It's been so cool to see how I’ve found a perfect match for each one. I’ve written some personal emails to those I have already placed. I want to say, thank you again :) Anyway, the most recent one was one from my Grandmother. I translated it quickly, packed it in my backpack and we headed to the outskirts of town. I had been wanting to go back there for a long time. I really like that area.

We tracted for a long time, with very little success. Then we got to another gate and two yappy dogs came running out. We didn't even have time to ring the csengő before a sweet néni came out after them. As she was walking down to see what we wanted, I felt like she was the one I should give the Book of Mormon with my grandmothers testimony in it. We talked over the gate for a while and she seemed very hesitant, but asked a lot of great questions. I went to pull out the book and she told me she didn't want it. But we continued talking and I felt like I needed to tell her about the peace that our message could bring. She started to listen. Then I asked her if we could come in to talk just for a "few minutes". She replied with "no no, nothing is ever a few minutes" So I told her to give me twenty. She opened the gate and let us in. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and how it can bring peace. She had tons of questions. Also, it turns out she was supposed to go to the doctor, but had forgotten that the bus schedule changed and as soon as she had realized that she couldn’t leave, we showed up. The lesson went well, she accepted the Book of Mormon and she set up to meet again.

Yesterday we went back. We brought Tia, a super awesome member who just put her papers in to go on a mission. The néni was kind and let us in and listened, but then started to bring up concerns with certain scriptures in the Bible. Tia however, was able to open to some other scriptures and explain the meaning and clarify those things. It was really cool to see this lady’s demeanor change as she understood and felt more peace in the understanding she gained from the scriptures. It was cool to see how prepared Tia is to go on a mission as well.
We will be going back again on Tuesday to teach her about the plan of Happiness, so fitting for our happiness week. Peace and happiness is what this gospel really brings. In fact, I'm speaking about that this coming Sunday. Ah! A 10 minute talk in Hungarian. I think I’m going to talk about each one of the aspects that True to the Faith says brings happiness which are 1) keeping the commandments 2) strong prayer 3) repentance 4) wholesome activities and 5) service. Not enough happiness in your life? Pick one and see how you can apply it better.

Well I hope you all have a very happy week. Keep your head up.

sok boldogsággal
szeretlek mindig,
Curtin nővér

P.S. The little details:

1. A lot of the times here you have to pay to use public bathrooms. At McDonalds, you have to type in a code from your receipt to get into the bathroom.
2. Sweaters: You can tie your sweater around your neck and not look like you are about to go golfing.
3. Rollerblades: Somehow the old chunky rollerblades are super popular here right now.