Monday, August 19, 2013

Köszönöm the prayers‏

Sziasztok Everyone,

Well thanks to whomever it was that was praying especially careful for us this week, because I sure felt it. Here are just a few examples of things that happened this week:

1. One morning I was listening to a conference talk while we were exercising. It gave an example of missionaries answering someone’s prayers by being there at exactly the right time. I thought about it before we left the house.  I prayed that we could know where to go to answer someone's prayers. We left the house, and I went straight to a certain apartment, and then to a particular entrance and we started to csengö (ring the buzzers). The 3rd one picked up and we explained we were missionaries and wanted to share a message and "bejöhetnénk?" (Could we come in?) She responded with just "be" ("in" -you can respond with the prefix of a word to answer in the affirmative) and she buzzed us in. We went in and up to her apartment. She was there waiting for us. She shook our hands and asked if we were going to teach her about the Book of Mormon. We sat down and taught a quick lesson. She said she didn't even live there; she was just visiting her mom. She asked how we decided to go where we went. It was so nice to be able to sincerely tell her that we prayed and then tried to act. Turns out that she had just the week before, talked to a friend who is a member in Sopron (a little more than an hour away by train) about the church. She agreed to read the Book of Mormon. She had us sign it and she said she would read. Another cool part of the story is that her friend happened to come to church this last week because she was here for a wedding. Now we get to teach her next Sunday with her friend. Apparently she needs the gospel because everything keeps falling in place for that. 

2. We have been working with an in-active member. She is super nice and has a great testimony, but certain situations were keeping her from coming to church. I started working with her last transfer and she never came. She hadn't been to church in over a year. Finally, we decided to teach a very straight forward lesson on doing family history work and on preparing to go to the temple. I was pretty bold with her and told her to stop waiting. Stops procrastinating, because then you are just procrastinating on receiving blessing and blessing others. Between that and a lesson her Home Teachers taught on obedience, she finally decided it was time to come back. We walked with her to church. She came. She loved it. She was welcomed back with much joy. She thanked me for being so forward with her. What a blessing it was to see her re-receive the blessings of the gospel. 

3. Remember how our goal this transfer was to find a future priesthood holder? Well one of our investigators will be getting baptized in October and will be receiving the priesthood the week after. This investigator is amazing. We have only been teaching him for about 2 weeks, but he has already read the pamphlets several times and more importantly, he has been reading and applying the stories from the Book of Mormon. He was a referral from a member. He always expresses so much gratitude to us for showing him this way. He knows it’s not easy, but he knows it’s right. Most of our lessons involve him bearing his testimony to us. For example, we gave him the Plan of Salvation pamphlet in advance and asked him to read it to prepare for our lesson about that. We came ready to clarify and to teach the Plan of Salvation, but before we could even start he started telling us what it said and telling us how true it was, especially the part that he learned that we lived with God before we came to the earth. He said he never knew that because we have forgotten, but that he knows that it is true. Teaching him is such a blessing to us. I'm so excited to continue to help him prepare for his baptism in October. 

Well if that isn't evidence enough- I'm still grateful in general for the prayers that you all said to get us through another week of work. I'm so grateful to be a part of these things. 

Hope you all have a great week too. 

Szeretlek mindig,
Curtin Nővér

p.s. The little details:

1. Sunflowers on doors- I feel like almost half the doors we tract have little smiling sunflower things hanging on them (including ours). 

2. Fanny packs- they are cool here. How is that possible? I have no idea. 

3. Festival- There is going to be some sort of festival this week. I don’t know anything about it so far other than I’ve seen a bunch of pictures of Roman soldiers. 

4. Soccer-or-football, as it translates here. We ran into a guy from Serbia the other day who is here for some sort of world cup? Don't know anything about it but I could sure here the cheering and chanting all night long last night. It took me back to BYU football ("American football") days. 

5. American music. Something I’ve learned from travel before but still always surprises me- you cannot run from American music. It doesn’t matter how little of a portion of the population can speak English; the music is still English 90% of the time. There’s no running from it no matter how hard you try. 


Sziasztok everyone,

I actually won't have a lot of time to add to yesterdays e-mail. We have to teach English class tonight and then we have a program with one of our new investigators, but I thought I'd at least add a little. Yesterday was fun. Sister Chamberlain and I just walked around the mall and around the city. It's been a long time since I've had that much time just to shop and walk around without having a thousand things to do, so it was nice. Sister Peterson said new missionary training was good. She even came back saying she was very grateful to have me as a trainer. She's super sweet. It seems so long ago since I went to new missionary training, yet at the same time it seems so short. Time is a bizarre thing on a mission.

Our train ride home was a little crazy- because of Holidays and summer, we had to transfer trains in a random little village. Luckily there was a nice lady who also had to transfer trains and she helped us figure it out. We sat by her on the second train and talked the whole way home. That was the longest- continuing conversation I think I've ever been able to hold. I still have a long way to go in this language, but it is so nice to be able to feel like I can talk a little more freely with the people around me. 
Anyway, overall things are good. We have some great investigators and some fantastic potential investigators. I'm really excited to see what happens with all of that this week. This week will be kind of off though because of traveling so much and then we will be traveling to Györ on Friday for Zone training. Lots of trains. Luckily Hungarian countryside's are beautiful.
Next week should be fun. It will be a holiday here in Hungary. I'm not sure which day we will email yet because of businesses having different hours and such, but I guess we will find out. Sorry my emails were a little empty this week, but thanks so much for all you do. Especially thank you to those who sent me their testimonies that I will try to translate and write in copies of the Book of Mormon. I know its true and its great to hear all of your own personal and unique witnesses. 
Love Always, 
Curtin nővér

P.S. a few of the little details:
1. I love windows here. They are genius. They open 2 different ways and the blinds are on the outside of the window. 
2. Pictures:   1. Sister Chamberlain still working hard after our day-trip in Budapest. 2. Sister Peterson and I,  sadly the first and only picture I've taken on my camera together so far. I keep forgetting it. 3. Sister Peterson emailing :)