Monday, July 22, 2013


Szervusztok Everyone!
Remember at the beginning of the transfer we set the goal to find and teach at least 1 family? Well this is the last week of the transfer and that blessing has been realized two fold. We have 2 wonderful families that we are teaching. 
Yesterday one of those families came to church. We met them early in the morning at their house. Then walked 45 minutes up the hill to church. The little 5 year old boy rode his scooter. He was pretty tired by the end and really confused as to why we passed 5 different churches on the way to the one. He was very patient in Sacrament meeting, but then primary didn't go so well. He REALLY didn't want to sing, so he was brought crying back to his mom. I was worried then that she would leave. Her cute little son was exhausted and hungry and shy and scared. But thank goodness for nursery and for a patient mom. When he saw what the littler children got to do, he was just fine with staying. By the end, he had gained some new friends, "taught" the branch president how to draw and had miraculously been given something to eat. He left in much better spirits then when he came. I think that in itself was a huge blessing. 
Our other family is having some large trails. The mother is in the hospital and is very worried about her children- cooking, cleaning... but luckily we have a wonderful branch who has offered to step in. The cool thing is that this family is investigating the church because we are a church "that claims to act and not just preach" now this family can see the proof of that. There are so many blessings from being in a church where we covenant to lift each others burdens. 
Well now we have to head off and get ready for a family night we are doing with the first family :) 
Have a great Monday, a fantastic family night and a wonderful week!
Love Always,
Curtin nővér 

P.S. The little details
1. Weddings: (p.s. Congrats to a certain friend of mine who will be getting married later this month I just found out!) There is A LOT of honking that takes place on the day of a wedding.
2. nővér also means nun or nurse as well as older sister. That makes conversations at the hospital REALLY confusing.
3. Cucumbers are eaten on almost everything. I've really grown to love them. 

Sunflower fields and a White Field that is ready to harvest :)
Also, I think my companion looks like a superhero. Don't you?