Monday, July 15, 2013

Fantastic Things

Sziasztok :)

So this week started off a little rough. A one-letter-difference pronunciation mistake cost me a little more than 8000 forint. Sometimes I love peoples reactions to my cute American accent... sometimes they cost me a bérlet. But that's okay because when there are difficulties early in the week, that always means that there is something fantastic waiting towards the end of the week. And there sure was. 
Fantastic thing number 1: We have another investigator preparing to be baptized. I mentioned her in the last email. She is super sweet and we're really excited for her to prepare to be baptized next week. (Also, my investigator Jozsef in Nyriregyháza's baptism went through this last weekend- and one of the members sent me this picture.
Fantastic thing number 2: We saw several prayers answered. One of them was a prayer for a referral. We received a referral from a family in the branch and had try to go every day to look them up and they where never home. We called, but he didn't have money on his phone (phones work a little differently here) so we couldn't get ahold of him. We went almost every day and then on Saturday we said a much more heart filled prayer about it. Then they where home and wanted to meet. They seem like a fantastic family and I can't wait to teach them tomorrow. 
Fantastic thing number 3: I said a prayer to find a family with a special needs child. As we were running home from a long program to get dinner before our correlation meeting, I found them. I've never been so bold on the street, but I turned around and stopped her. I told her about Gods plan and the restoration and told her our message would change her life and she would want to meet with us. We are meeting with her tomorrow as well. 

Fantastic thing number 4: This story is fun. So yesterday we had just an hour left to do something. We decided to go tracting close by. I crossed over to a random building and Sister Montenegro csengőed (that's Hunglish for rang the intercom doorbell thing). The door unlocked without anyone saying anything. So we went in and a lady came out to ask if we csengőed. I turned around and before we could tell her why we were there, she told me I looked familiar. She said she was certain she knew me, but then she stopped and said "no wait, follow me!" and ran back into her house. We followed her into the living room and she whipped out a box and pulled out a picture. The picture was of a Sister Thomas (later to be Staheli) who served here more then 10 years ago. She gave me the picture to keep until I find out what happened to this Sister Thomas- she wants to know what became of this sister missionary. She had letters and family pictures and engagement announcements from Sister Thomas. This lady never did join the church. When I asked her why, she said she didn't know. She was completely flabbergasted by how similar I looked to this sister she had met several years ago. (Pictures attached :) The crazy thing is that I almost never straighten my hair. I don't think I look too much like this sister if it wasn't for that. One hour of finding and I found my twin. Now you all just need to help me figure out what happened to her now. Her old investigator wants to know, and her old investigator still needs the gospel. 

Fantastic thing number 5: Our branch has really taken to heart the training that the first presidency recently did on missionary work. They've called 5 branch missionaries (that's a huge percentage here). And they are ready to take their callings to the maximum. One of those branch missionaries is also a Sunday school teacher and a counselor in the branch presidency and he has only been a member for less then a year. He is such a great example. It is so exciting to be able to work so well with a branch and to have so much support from them. I'm sure that this branch will be richly blessed because of their desires and efforts. 
I promise there were a lot more than 5 fantastic things that happened this week, but there isn't 5 hours to write about them all. We have to finish up, go grocery shopping, have dinner in a sunflower field and then teach 2 very important programs. 
Thanks for all you do. (And thanks family for the package)
Szeretlek Mindig,
Curtin nővér 

P.S. The little details (I feel like I'm probably repeating some of these, so you all better email me questions or ideas or I will run out)
1. No ice. Drinks almost never have ice. They think you'll get sick from drinking cold water. (I almost gave someone a heart attack when I forgot that my water bottle was still partially frozen). 
2. Also about drinks- most of the time you are not offered water until after the meal. Drinking water during the meal might give the impression that you're trying to wash down the meal. 
3. There is absolutely no way to translate the word FUN. It doesn't exist. The closest you can get is funny or good. Which is no fun.