Tuesday, May 28, 2013

nincsenek üres székek‏

Sziasztok Everyone,
Attached are pictures of how we keep track of our goals in this companionship :)
And our ultimate transfer goal: Nincsenek üres székek (no empty seats).
Those pictures are the beginning and the end of the week. It was a pretty successful standard of excellence week. There were only about 5 empty seats this past Sunday (not just from our work but from the elders, the member's families and from less active members too). So things are getting better. But we aren't finished. 

We did see a lot of opposition this week. A lot of miracles and a lot of trials. I wouldn't even know where to start in trying to explain all of that. But to be short- 2 Nephi 2 has been in full-swing here. But in the end, it's been good. We have a couple families to teach, a great progressing investigator, supportive members (hi and thanks Heni, if your reading this :) and overall it's been going well. 
Now for a lesson that I learned from my investigator. This Sunday was his first time in church. I was somewhat paranoid about what he would think. I really don't want to lose him, he is so ready and really needs this gospel. We're all imperfect people and I didn't want him to be scared away from the imperfections. So I turned to him before the last meeting and brought that up by saying something along the lines of "I know this church is true, but I want you to know that that doesn't mean we as missionaries, or the other members are always true and perfect". He turned to me and replied "I'm not seeking perfect people, I'm seeking truth". 
I felt a little embarrassed for assuming that he would be scared away by personality quirks or imperfections. I had to repent for the judgments I had indirectly made. He's right. Its not about seeking a comfortable environment, its about seeking Gods will for us. Plus, finding Gods will for us, finding the truth of the gospel, is the most comfortable environment you can ever be in.
Alright back to work. It will be a busy but good week. We have splits this week (times are a changing- Sisters have leadership positions and get to go on splits!) and interviews in Budapest with President Smith. I feel like it will be a great week to learn a lot. Including the language, we, as a companionship, are speaking just Hungarian for the whole week. I've got a lot to learn. 

Thanks for all of your prayers and support. Hope you all have a great week!
Love you all!
Sister Curtin

p.s. The little details
1. Bicycles: Especially here in Níregyháza are used a lot. Basket included. 
2. Multiple doors. Lately we have been tracting in a few 10-story buildings. Door number one we have to get someone to buz us in. Door number 2 we have to ring a door bell to get someone to let us into the hall. Then finally door number 3 is the apartment and then we just have to get someone to let us into their home. No problem.
3. Church attendance depends a lot on bus and train schedules. Its not just a quick drive and park or walk to church. 

Anyone have questions about cultural things or other details?? I'm running out of ideas for this sections. Help! :)