Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Sziasztok Everyone,
So explanation first: We did not know that yesterday was going to be a holiday. That's why my email is a day late without warning. Everything closes down on holidays here. Sorry about that.
Yes, we did "celebrate" the holiday, with a whole lot of food. For example, last night we had a dinner appointment (actually two). We had ice-cream FIRST (there's a good way to celebrate) and then a whole lot of sandwich meat and bread. I don't think I've ever seen so much meat. We were well fed and taken care of as far as meals go this week and we are very grateful for that. 
(Sister Larsen and I on the Holiday)
This week has been very busy. Full of lots of little miracles. We have found a lot of prepared people. But with the elect comes a lot of opposition. You can feel both sides working. We will need a lot of prayer and planning and faith to help our investigators. The world we live in these days is not easy. But knowing the truth- knowing the gospel of Christ- makes it easier. 
One simple story of how God sends us where we need to go is not really about me. We found a guy streeting who is from the Ivory Coast. Super nice guy but unfortunately I don't remember hardly anything from my high school French class and he doesn't speak very good English or Hungarian. But from the broken conversation we did have, we found out that his parents are members in the Ivory Coast and he recognized us and was interested in meeting. So, we called the elders to see if they at least happened to have a French Book of Mormon for some reason in their apartment. Turns out that they didn't just have a French Book of Mormon, but that Elder Nabrosky brought a French Book of Mormon because he SPEAKS French. We have passed the investigator to the Elders to teach. I know God has guided that work to be able to watch out for this one man from the Ivory Coast who needs these things in his life right now. 
Well now we don't have a lot of time. We have a really important lesson to teach in just a little bit. I'm grateful that God is looking out for this work and helping it move forward. It will continue to roll forward. (As President Hinckley said in a talk several years ago that I recently read in an old Liahona- The Stone Cut Out- This work has been prophesied to move forward and we can feel it going, and it will not be stopped). 
Love you all,
Thanks again for all of your support and prayers. They are needed and appreciated. 
Szertlek mindig,
Curtin Nővér
P.S. The little details (a more exciting way than normal... WITH PICTURES).
1. Flowers on the edges of decks and people chatting across decks. But as you can notice the more prominent part of this picture is that Sister Larsen and I have been studying hard. Those are our language studies and our mission goals :)

2. Pigeons. They are everywhere and from what I've heard, it is against the law to bother them. 

3. Catholic cathedrals are everywhere too. This is the pretty church in the center of the city here in Nyiregyhaza.