Friday, February 22, 2013

7 Csoda

Sziastok Everyone!
This might end up being a long e-mail because there is so much to write about. But it's exciting.
First things first, Transfer calls came today and... I'm staying here in Pécs with Sister Kimball for another transfer. Which is great news for a lot of reasons.
One of those reasons is because it is an answer to a little girl's prayer. A little girl in my branch prayed that we would stay together for another transfer, and we are. So maybe thanks to her we get to stay :)
Another reason I'm happy to be staying is because it has been a week of miracles, and we want that to continue forward. Just for illustration, I will tell you how last Wednesday went:

After studies in the morning, we were going through the branch list and looking at the map to see who we could go visit. Then suddenly we got a call. (Miracle number 1) It was from the dad we had talked to about Family Night (if I remember right, I think I told you about that in the last e-mail). He was in town and wanted to meet right away. So we packed up our things and went and taught a wonderful lesson about families.
Theeen... While we were in the middle of that lesson, there was a lady who wanted to come inside. We went and talked to her and she said she could wait for us to finish our lesson then talk to us. (This is miracle number 2). So after we were done, she came in and we talked to her. She said she needed help. She had run out of ideas of what to do and had told herself she was going to take the next help she could find. So when she saw our church, she decided that's where she needed to find help. We introduced her to the Branch President because he happened to be there, and she was very receptive.
Then later, we were going to a program with an investigator. We called her right before that to make sure she was still home (she's a popular lady so her plans always change:) She said that it wasn't a good time, but after we explained we were outside the apartment complex already she let us come in. And we had a great lesson about God's love. The best part though was that her friend showed up right before we said the closing prayer. (This is miracle number 3) After we said the closing prayer, we found out that her friend is an inactive member. She hadn't gone to church since her husband passed away. We were able to talk to her about her experience and remind her that God still loves her and give her our information.
Then after that we had a program with a super sweet lady. She told us about how she feels so good about everything we teach. (This is miracle 4) We asked her about baptism and she said she would like to. But she wants to wait. She wants her granddaughter to learn about the gospel so they can be baptized on the same day. She is a really nice lady and I'm excited to continue teaching her and helping her prepare to make that sacred covenant.
After that we had dinner with a super sweet recent convert. Shes a really funny, super happy person. (This is miracle 5) The cool thing is that she came across the Family proclamation and wanted to read it to us. She said she wished she had found that earlier in life and thinks everyone should read it. Shes so right.

Yea so that was just one day in the last 8. I could write a million more, but I think I'll just share 2 more for times sake.

1. Sister Kimball and I have been wanting to find more service to do. And the miracle was that it came to us. A member invited us to help her friend. Her friend has a daughter who was in a car accident a few years ago and is now mentally disabled. Because of that, it is very difficult for them to get out of the house. So we walked with the church member to buy groceries for them and carry them back. Not only was it a good opportunity to do service, but we got to know some really wonderful people in the process. The member, her friend and her friend's daughter were all so kind. I love doing service and I hope we can continue to find opportunities like that.

2. This one is a big one. So yesterday we had lunch with the senior couple again. (Oh yea, I don't think I even told you that Sister Kimball and I got Standard this week- so the super nice senior couple bought us lunch again). After that we had planned to go see a less-active family who lived about 30 minutes away. The senior couple home teaches the family so we thought it would be a good idea to bring them along. But as we were going to leave, we got a call from the Branch president that the family we planned on visiting had had something come up and couldn't meet with us anymore. However, we decided we would at least take the senior couple over to their house so they could find it in the future. We also had a Tupperware from them that we needed to return. So when we got there, we found out that the wife was home. She let us in and we found out that her Sister-in-law had died that morning. We were able to teach her more about the Plan of Salvation and the importance of temple work. And since the senior couple was there, she was able to receive a priesthood blessing. It was amazing. The blessing was in English, but she said she could feel and understand a lot of it and was very grateful.

If you haven't gotten the point after all this- God is in the details of our lives. He looks after His children. He knows their needs.
He knows you too. He answers prayers. This is His work.
Michelle's Baptism
Curtin Nővér
Michelle the Missionary, can you believe how grown up she is now? Always beautiful, Always a great example!