Tuesday, February 5, 2013

U'j - Week 3 in Pe'cs

Sziastok Everyone!

Yes, this e-mail is a day late. We had new missionary training in Budapest yesterday, so between two 4 hour train rides, 3 hours waiting to get residency and a couple hours of training we didn't have time so the President told us to quickly do it today. So here I am.
The thing that stood out to me the most this week is probably the example of the youth and children in this area. For example, there is an adorable little girl in our branch who was such a good example to me the other day. We visited with her and her mom and asked them if they knew anyone who would want to hear our message. Before we had even left the house, the little girl was running down the stairs to give a Book of Mormon to an older lady who lives just a few floors below them. I was so impressed by her. She can be really shy sometimes, but even though she was probably a little nervous, she knew that it would be a good thing to do and acted right away.
The youth in this branch are also very involved. Several of them have more than one calling and join us for lessons on a regular basis. I really am so impressed with how much time and effort they put into their callings and everyday service. If all youth were like them, this world would be a completely different place.
Well I guess I will finish up with a few random things:
1. Something Delicious: I had paprikas csirke today. It was delicious. I think it might be my favorite so far.
2. Something Beautiful: Yesterday on the train there was a super cool sunset with really vivid rainbow-like colors. One of those kinds that makes getting out the camera not even worth it.
3. Something Fun: This town has a college, and so we've met people from all over the world (like recently Ukraine and Norway) that speak all kinds of different languages.
4. Something Miraculous: For everyone we've talked to that doesn't speak Hungarian fluently- we've happened to have a Book of Mormon in their language in one of the apartments.
5. Something Cultural: Almost every sickness is blamed on the cold. Apparently I need to get thicker scarfs and remember not to eat icecream in the winter so I don't get sick :)
Thank you everyone who wrote me letters. I got some mail yesterday while in Budapest. It was so good to hear from you all!

 Anyway- we better get back to work.
Szeretlek Minding,
Curtin Nővér
P.S. We got our first snail mail letter today. Inside were several pictures. I scanned them. I am posting three this week and will save a few for next week. What joy to see pictures of where Michelle is. It looks like an amazingly beautiful city. The letter we received took about 8 days to get here, so hang in there if you are expecting a letter.
The new missionaries at Hero's Square on their first night in Hungary
Sister Curtin and Sister Kimball in Pecs.
Sister Curtin on her street in Pecs.