Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pecs Week 2

Sziastok Everyone!

I feel like I'm going to have less and less time to write this every week. We had a program today so we just got back from that. (In case you're confussed, we call lessons programs here). I don't even know what to write about because so much happens every day, let alone every week. Maybe I'll give some variety:
Something miraculous: One day while we were streeting, I decided to go talk to a girl who was about our age sitting in the main square listening to her ipod. As I started to talk to her, my companion started talking to some other people. So by myself I told her about our free english class then about how we are helping people do genealogy for free and then about the Book of Mormon. She said all of it was interesting and we talk about all of it a little more than about where we are from and why she was in Pécs. So long story short- I survived a full conversation on my own. Barely, but it happened. So that was exciting.
Something Delicious: I had my first palacsinta (no idea how to spell that) with one of our investigators. They're just thin pancakes with fruits or chocolate or sugar or all of the above. They were way good.
Something Funny: This could fall under other categories too, but I think this is the most fitting. So we were tracting and we have to buz in and try to get people to let us into the apartment buildings. We had gone through about 70 names with no success, and then a very old, skinny, man came out in his boxers in the freezing cold to yell at us. I maybe shouldn't put this under the funny category, maybe something more like sad or bad or scary... but being my first experience with that and not understanding much of what he was yelling at us, it was kind of funny to look back on. But sad too- if only he really understood why we were there and what we have to offer.
Something Sad: Something I've noticed a lot around here are teenagers who are living on the streets. It's extreemly cold. We've talked to a couple of them, one of them had tried to go home but his family wouldn't let him. We gave him a Book of Mormon. The more I'm here on a mission, the more I've seen how important this gospel is to happiness and good family relationships. It's sad to see how many people have to go through life without that.
Something Fun: (As a side note, they don't have a word for fun. It's a really hard concept to explain and translate). Last week on Pday we went with the elders up to see a view of the city. It was gorgeous. There is also some remains of a castle or something up there which was fun to see. I wish this computer would let me send pictures but it won't. Im going to try to mail some home today so hopefully in a couple weeks you can see some of it.
Something Great: The Gospel is true.
Next week I'll be in Budapest for new missionary training (so I get to go on another 3 hour train ride Sunday night). I'm sure I'll still be able to e-mail I just don't know when. For now- Hope all is well!
Curtin Nővér