Monday, December 16, 2013


We had splits this week. This time it was with my past two companions. What a blessing from being a sister training leader! I got to go back to my good old Szombathely (because being there for more then 5 months was not enough). I loved it. Sister Daniels is an awesome missionary and it was fun to serve with her again for a day. Plus, I got to teach 2 people from before when I was there.
First was Zoli. My convert who got baptized back in October. What a blessing it was to go back and see that he is still an amazing member. He's also still always a step ahead of the teaching. The sisters had planning to teach him about fasting and prayer because of a financial difficulty in his life. Turns out he had already prayed and already received his payment. His faith is so inspiring.
Then we also taught a lady that the 3 of us had met when we were serving together. I probably mentioned her. She was a "last door tracting" story. Super happy lady. I got to teach her the Plan of Salvation. There was a really special moment in that teaching too. I had forgotten, but this lady was in an accident of some sort and has some memory problems. When I was teaching about the fact that we lived with God before this life, I felt like adding a detail that I don't always which is that we don't remember that life. And then I remembered her situation and how she struggles with memories. (I realize the irony of that). She told us about some situations she has had where suddenly she remembers something she hadn't before and the overwhelming emotion she has as she recalls those feelings. I've see that same reaction as people hear and feel the familiar ring when we talk about the pre-mortal life. That's how it was with Zoli. We gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet before teaching him, and that was his turning point. He came back and just recited to us the details of the pre-mortal life and how it just felt right. He lived with God before this life.
I'm grateful for splits. I'm technically the leader, but I always feel like I learn so much from each of them.
Now just as a heads up, this may be my last email before Christmas (and potentially before next year). Our preparation day has been changed to the holiday and most likely these little internet places will be closed. So if that's the case- Kellemes Karacsonyt!
Merry CHRISTmas.
Szeretlek Mindig,
Curtin Nővér
P.S. The little details:
1. Name days. In Hungary you can only name children certain names. Most, if not all of them, are on the calendars. So you celebrate not just a birthday but also a name day. New Years Eve is on Silvester's nameday, so thus the holiday is called Szilvester.
Some examples of Hungarian names :)
1)Boglárka 2) Gabor 3) Laszló
2. In the form of Pictures: Sister Westover and I went to Fishermans Baston, that's where all of these pictures are. Also, it's in our tracting area :)
3.  My "Christmas tree" ? I got this in the mail, according to the instructions, it should finish growing about the time I go home :)
4.  My "fancy" dinner, imitation crab and spinach. Big change to my diet.
5.  Our tracting area :)

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