Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mikulás‏ (Santa Claus)

So we got our calls and Sister Westover and I are staying together in Budapest for the holidays! I'm sure it will be great. I'm excited. I also get to go on a split this weekend back to Szombathely where I was just serving. I'm really excited for that too. Ah it's so great and hard to love all of the people and places you serve. So for todays email I think I'll give another one of those clipets of just one day of our work. This one was yesterday:
1. Wake up, exercise, get ready, eat breakfast, do studies. 
2. Flyer our way to the tram then from the tram to our first appointment. 
3. Teach a cute néni (older lady) about the plan of salvation. 
4. Eat lunch at Gringo Amigos (a member.-owned Mexican restaurant).
5. Tract our way back towards the branch house. 
6. Get literally chased out of the building by a grumpy néni.
7. Street our way to the branch house. 
8. Teach a half English half gospel lesson to a new investigator who said she will get baptized when she gets her answer. Gave her a Book of Mormon with my mom's testimony in it. Super nice lady. Set up to meet with her again on Thursday. 
9. Go tracting. 
10. Street back to the branch house to meet the elders' investigator Jeti. Travel with Jeti by villamos to Rita's home. Rita is a super cute member who invited the 3 of us over for dinner. We talked to Jeti and got to know her the whole way there. She's preparing to be baptized in January. I love her already and she's not even my investigator. 
11. Eat dinner at Ritas and have such a great conversation that Jeti decides to start living 100% as if she is already a Mormon starting today. 
12. Travel back with her on the villamos. 
13. Feel like we should get off early and stop by our investigator's apartment. This investigator is someone who we met tracting and he came to church right away. He then later felt like he wanted to read the whole Book of Mormon before meeting with us again. We didn't want to be pushy, so we left him mostly to that until yesterday when we decided to brave it and check up on him. 
14. He was home so we talked to him outside of his apartment. He agreed to meet with us again so we can read together. He's had opposition since we last met. I'm really excited to be able to help him again. I'm so grateful for that opportunity. 
15. Traveled home and got back in time for curfew, planning, journal writing, and bed. 
So that was just one day. And the very short version. I don't think anyone realizes how much happens each day in missionary work. More than my mind can keep track of. Still great though. It's going by fast. As of today I have exactly 4 months left on my mission. Crazy stuff. 
Szeretlek Mindig,
Curtin Nővér 
P.S. The little details:
1. picture- Sister Westover and I on Mikulas in their apartment.
2. picture- I know I just barely got boots... but I think I might need to get a new pair? What do you think? Good thing it was only kind of snowing and raining that night and we accidently took the long way home :) 
3. When you go tracting you could be tracting a building where all the doors look exactly the same, but boy are the actual apartments different. Just as a few examples of our recent let-ins:
a. Normal looking door, turns out to be a man's art gallery. He's a religious artist and the apartment was lined with his art and filled with ready-to-sell notebooks. 
b. Normal looking door, turns out to be cat heaven. I think this man likes his cats. He has about 2 live cats and 2 cat clocks and about 100 cat calendars. 
c. Normal looking door, turns out to be filled with random stuff, like a puppet and a mask of a famous poet. 
d. Normal looking door, turns out to be a normal, nice looking apartment, hmm that's weird. 

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