Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sister Training Leader

Na sziasztok,

We got our calls this morning. I've been in Szombathely for 5 months now, and today is my last full day here. I've been called to be a Sister Training Leader in Buda with Sister Westover, time for a new adventure. 

But first, a small portion of the miracles of this last week:
So, remember how I said we as a tri-companionship made some huge goals when we got together even though we would only be together for 3 weeks? Well one of those goals was to get 5 baptismal dates. That was a huge goal considering we only had one and that was (Orem) who had been working out of the country and we hadn't been able to teach her for several months; so let's look back on the last couple weeks. 
1. (Brad)- I love this girl so much. She and I have the same minor (International Development) and I’ve been talking and meeting with her for quite some time. I mentioned last week- she has agreed to be baptized. She likes how she'll get to be baptized as an adult just as Christ did :).
2. (Tony)- Tami is a guy that Sister Peterson and I tracked into. He’s hilarious. In our second meeting with him this last week, we extended a baptismal date to him and he agreed without much hesitation. We talked about how he'll be spiritually clean through baptism and when we explained it will be by immersion he was even more excited- clean inside AND out :).
3. (Margaret)- I don't know how to describe the meeting we had with her and Zoli (Our convert who just got baptized). It was probably one of the most intense lessons I’ve ever taught. We watched the Joseph Smith movie and then talked after. Sister Grigg extended the baptismal date and it shocked (Margaret). She asked to leave the room for a moment and we were worried that we had done something wrong. But she walked back in and just said "Igen!" and then couldn't stop smiling. She's still a little hesitate, but her testimony and the way she supports her husband is such an amazing example to me and I know she will make it. 
4. (Orem)- So (Orem) got back from working out of the country. I was starting to think that I wouldn't be able to see her again because of transfers this week. But then yesterday we decided to stop by their house (we knew she got back to the country this week but her phone wasn't working). As I started to knock on the door, they opened it up because they were about to leave and there was (Orem). It was SO good to see her. They let us come in and we sat down for a minute to catch up. She agreed to get back on track to be baptized next month. What a huge miracle and blessing for me to have been here long enough to see her and personally pass her over to my companions. 
5. We are one short of the 5 baptismal dates, but it is still great to see  so many major miracles as a companionship and the goal really pushed us. I'm so grateful for my time in Szombathely and I'm sure I'll grow to love the “City” too. 
Szeretlek Mindig, 
Curtin Nővér
P.S. The little details:
1. It's finally turning into winter here. The last couple days have been SOO windy. Last night we literally got blown into each other as we walked in between the buildings we were tracting. 
2. A lot of restaurants have outside seating. In the winter, each chair is supplied with matching blankets. 

3. Last week we went bowling as a city, upstairs. The pins where on strings, but it was still fun. Unfortunately we have to email at the other library today so pictures will have to wait until at least next week. 

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