Tuesday, November 26, 2013

hálás vagyok‏

köszönöm nektek,
So last week I told you about how we made some prayerful goals to start a change to the mission. One of those goals involved finding a quadrupled average more of investigators per week. Right now the average is about 2 or maybe 3 and we want an average of 8. We thought it would take several weeks for the reality of that possibility to set in, so we set our first goal of making it go from 2 to 6. Well, this week (even with splits and me going to Győr from Friday to Saturday) we got 7. It all started last preparation day....
Last Monday for our working hours we decided to go tracting. Sister Westover felt like a certain area would be good to start, so we went. We had 2 different let-ins that night, but I just want to talk about one: 
We were tracting inside the building and noticed that the numbering seemed to be off (but honestly, that's really not that uncommon). However, there was a door that looked like it maybe went to a fire-stairwell outside. We tried it anyway. Come to find out, there was the missing door number. We rang the door bell and a guy came out. In Hungarian I told him that we were there to bring a message of hope (remember how last week in our mission, hope was our Christlike attribute?). He responded by saying he didn't speak Hungarian. That always throws me off, it's hard to switch gears and be a missionary in English. Somehow I still was able to translate in my mind what I had said in Hungarian to awkward English and told him we brought a message of hope. He agreed to listen. 
He is from India but is living here in Hungary after a "long story" chain of events. He listened to us share our message and agreed to have us come back the next day. We went back the next day with Sister Feltsted and taught more and gave him a Book or Mormon in English. Then we went back AGAIN that Saturday. I invited a girl who is from Nyiregyháza where I served 2 transfers ago and is now living here in Buda. I knew she spoke English and I thought it would be good. She ended up skipping sport nap (Sport day) to come and help us teach. We starting teaching and he said he felt so go meeting with us, but was concerned about how his background and religious beliefs would conflict. Well turns out this member's minor is Buddhism and she studies similar things and could, with confidence, relate to the things he was explaining. Such a tender mercy. 

THEN he came to church the next day. He sat by me during the Primary program. Unfortunately, the translator he was using wasn't working so he had to just listen in Hungarian, but in the end I think it was perfect. He leaned over to me a couple times during the program and told me how good he felt. He told me he is hoping to finish the Book of Mormon in 15 days. Even though he couldn't understand everything that the children were saying, he could see the great example they set and their innocent knowledge of truth. And of course, their happiness. At the end he told me he felt good. He felt like it was the best stress relief he could have. After the primary program, elder Walker spoke. Our investigator wasn't able to stay for that part, but it did give me a unique opportunity to explain the structure of Christ's church and bear testimony. 

Later, looking back, our investigator also explained to us and one of the members what a miracle it was that we met. 
The night we tracted him, he had been in a hard state. He was stressed and frustrated, and when we came to his door and said we had a message of "hope" he felt like it mas "magic"- like some sort of "miracle" as if "God himself had sent" us girls to him. I know He did. 
Well that was long, but that was just ONE of our 7 new investigators this week. 
It just goes to show how meaningful, prayerful goals can be accomplished because you have Heavenly help. 
I am SO thankful for the way this week went. We were so blessed. And we hope we can continue to work towards that goal this week. 
szeretlek mindig,
Curtin nővér 
P.S. The little details. Things I'm thankful for... :) 
1. I'm thankful to get in AND out of apartment buildings. In the city, there are several buildings were you don't just have to get someone to let you into the building, but you also have to get someone to show you where the hidden switch is that will unlock the gate to get back OUT. 
2. I'm thankful for baggage weight limits. Because of that, a lot of sisters leave behind a lot of things when they go home or get transferred. My boots been broken already, but I luckily found a different pair of shoes in my new closet. I'm also wearing someone else's skirt right now. 
3. I'm thankful electricity. Budapest is pretty during the day, but at night it is stunning because the most prominent historical buildings are lit up, while the rest of the city is mostly dim. 
4. I'm thankful for our Englsih class students to remind us what day it is. A bunch of us missionaries thought thanksgiving was last week- well our English class students knew better than we did when that American holiday is.. oops. Just goes to show that as missionaries, we have NO idea what's happening in the world. 
5. I'm thankful for my mission. Apparently I'm going home on April 10th. That's only 4 and a half months away. When did that happen? I really am grateful for all of the lessons, and side lessons I've so far learned on my mission. I'm incredibly grateful for all of the people I've been able to work with. And I'm grateful for all of your support and prayers at home. köszönöm!

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