Monday, November 4, 2013



Great week. We had district conference with Elder Teixeira and his wife. Of course we talked about how the work is rolling forward.
Here's a few of my most favorite prominent miracles from this week as an illustration:
1. November 1 was a holiday here in Hungary called All Saints Day. People go to the cemetery and decorate the graves with candles and ribbons. We originally weren't going to go because we always have hundreds of things to do as missionaries. But after prayer and realizing that other finding would be ineffective because basically the whole city would be there, we decided to take our dinner hour to walk around the cemetery. Thousands of people where there, so it was a huge surprise when we first walked in and ran into one of our investigator's mom. She invited us over when we were done. We took a little loop around the cemetery (and also ran into a couple of the kids that our investigator has been bringing to church). First of all, it was such a cool experience. The thousands of candles in the old cemetery were beautiful and we had some good conversations as a companionship. Then after that, we walked over to our investigator's home. We spent a little time there with her mom and aunts, but had to get back in time to do studies. Luckily our investigator got back in time to give us a ride home; because on the car ride home she agreed to be baptized! :) We originally were not going to be able to meet with her this week because of the holiday, but because of a hundred little events that lead us to her home that night- she is now preparing for baptism. I'm so excited for her. 
2. This one is still an unfinished story, but I'll tell it anyway: So we had about an hour before one of our programs so we decided to tract a building even though Sister Montenegro and I had been there several months ago. Nothing was happening, we just tracked from the top down. It was getting closer to our program time, but I decided we needed to do just one more floor. I'm so glad we did. We knocked on the last door and a lady came out almost laughing. She said we came at a perfect time because years ago she had come close to God through a trial, but recently something new has happened in her life and she is re-searching for him. We will be going back this week. I don't know all of the details yet, but she seems really nice and so ready. I'm always grateful for those "last door" experiences.

Szeretlek mindig,
Curtin nővér

p.s. the little details (in pictures)
1. Me with a member we've been working with
2. Can anyone tell me why I took this picture? (The one at the top of this page.) I love néni fashion. (néni = aunt according to Google translate).
3-4. Pictures of Michelle's apartment, a members house. She said it was the nicest missionary apartment in the mission. She didn't want me to post these pictures because she said the apartment wasn't clean enough. I said she better clean it up and I am posting the pictures to make sure she does!

Their bedroom, her two companions. Michelle said she sleeps on a couch in another room.

Nicest kitchen in the mission

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