Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Best Week Ever!

So first- this week is a "mini-transfer" because there are some missionaries going home this week, so that is why this email is a day late. We got a surprise transfer call. Sister Peterson is going to transfer to serve with my old companion Sister Montenegro. I'm super excited for them! I on the other hand, am staying here for at least the next 3 weeks. And I am getting not one, but TWO new companions. Sister Daniels and Sister Griggs. Sister Daniels came last transfer so I will finish training her, and Sister Griggs came a couple transfers ago. Huge surprise  I'm sure it'll be great. 

1. We met with Zoli earlier this week. We've been meeting with him at least every week for the past 2 transfers. After every lesson we always ask if he has any questions. Every time he said, "No". This week he had one. When we asked if he had any questions he said, "When is Saturday!!!??" It was so fun to see how excited he was for the baptism. 
2. The baptism was so great. A lot of people came and it went smoothly. Sister Peterson and I sang the Hungarian version of "Oh my Father" because one of our favorite moments teaching Zoli was when he found out he lived with God before this life and how strong of a testimony he gained of that. His wife Mariann and his Godson Roland came. Both are so supportive. Mariann cried with joy for her husband. It was so sweet to see. 

3. We had a really powerful lesson in Sunday School this week. The elders have an investigator who is literally changing his life to prepare for baptism. He has stopped drinking, is trying to stop smoking and is getting married in December.  All for his 3 little children. But it's been hard for him. 
In Sunday School Gabor was teaching and called this investigator up. He said "Hey give me 5000 forint!" The investigator replied that he didn't have any. The investigator tried asking someone else for the money and Gabor said " No, I asked YOU for it!". But the investigator didn't have any money. Then Gabor asked him to open to 1 Nephi 3:7. As he opened, he found the 5000 forint. As he read the scripture out loud, he broke down in tears. God provides a way. 
This investigator has already seen that. The elders fasted and we prayed for this man to find a job. He just got one. He still has struggles, but his example combined with that object lesson was the most powerful I've seen yet. 
4. On Sunday Zoli got the gift of the Holy Ghost. He received a beautiful blessing too that confirmed to me that the goal we made when I first started training Sister Peterson- to find one man who would be baptized and become a priesthood holder- is being fulfilled  Zoli also was asked to say the closing prayer. He was so excited. It was so beautiful to see him already start to be a solid part of this branch. 

I know that was already long, but if there was more time I would happily write about a million other things from this week. I'm so grateful to have been apart of this weekend. It was literally miraculous. 

Love Always
Sister Curtin

P.S. The little details in pictures:
One of the mission rules is not to eat with a member if only young men are at home. Zoli's mom had to leave so we obediently ate outside. 

Sister Peterson graduated from her 12 weeks of training, so I made her this graduation hat!

Wearing pants! We were able to work in a lady's garden and got to wear pants. I haven't worn pants since the first week in Hungary!

After the baptism the branch put on a "Ki Mit Tud" - talent show. These are some of my favorites!

Science was his talent. He taught about Dinosaurs.

His boy was just learning to read, so he read a few pages to us - a real talent in Hungarian!

The Young Men did synchronized swimming!

The youth doing a skit.

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