Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Sziasztok everyone,

Sorry for the delayed email- here is my excuse as to why..
Transfers last week where a big surprise. I'm now in a tri-companionship with Sister Daniels and Sister Grigg. Both awesome
Sister Grigg had her residency card stolen in Pest, so she had to get a new one- that meant that we had to come back up to Budapest for her to apply for a new one. This meant that we had to switch our preparation days. It also meant that we had a super cool opportunity to be in Budapest and we went to the Opera house, so after a full day in Budapest and some beautiful Opera, we are finally emailing in a little email shop downtown. 

Overall this transfer has been good. The schedule has been crazy, but we have some great goals and our first week together we achieved standard of excellence, not too shabby. My companions are super cute. I probably won't get to stay with them too long through because there will be another transfer in just 2 weeks. 

My companions have really hit it off with my investigators. Its been fun to see. One cute girl that we've been teaching is considering baptism. We told her she needed to start coming to church. Well.. she did... with 7 children. It was so fun. Then a super nice family in the branch invited them ALL over for dinner. I am so impressed with the kindness of the people in this branch. Overall things are great. This computer is a pain because I have to push the space bar about 20 times to make it work, but after going to the Hungarian Opera house today I don't think I have the right to complain about anything. 

Tomorrow should be good. The area president is coming for Zone conference so we are spending the night here. Hopefully I'll have lots to write about next week and some awesome pictures to send.

Hope all is well.
Love Always,
Curtin Nővér 

P.S. The little details:
1. Public transportation in Budapest is great. Metros, trams, trains, cars... anything you can imagine.
2. The Hungarian Opera house is pretty small but gorgeous. One of the best preparation day activities yet (if you can't already tell).
3. The weather here lately has been amazing. It feels like late summer. Love it.

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