Monday, October 14, 2013

It's harvest time.


Good week overall. We went to Györ this last week for Zone training. It was really good. They repeated a lot of the same things that President talked about in his interview with me. In three words the message we are getting is: "It's Harvest Time". 
Speaking of that, Zoli had his baptismal interview and all went well; which means this Saturday will be the baptism. We are so excited for him. This last week we met with him and his sweet wife and we read out of Alma 32. We asked Zoli when he realized that this "seed" was good. A few things he mentioned really stood out to me as big parts of his conversion. 
1. Feeling the spirit at the little girl's baptism he came to.
2. Seeing the "fruits" of good religion, good people, friendly and quick to give service.
3. Having his understanding be opened as he began to meet with Sister Peterson and I for example, the realization that he lived with God before this life.
4. The change in his scripture study as he went from trying to memorize facts to praying each time before he read that he would know WHY he was reading it and even being able to enjoy the "war chapters" because he understood better how to "liken" the scriptures.
5. The happiness and change he has felt as he has done consistently the "Big 3" of going to Church, Praying, and Reading (Both personally AND as a companionship with his wife).
I am so excited for Saturday and even more excited because of how excited he is. He is so happy and so excited for Saturday. 
Harvest time is a happy time. 
Szeretlek mindig,
Curtin Nővér 
P.S. the little details
1. In Györ we went to a genius restaurant. We went in and as we were sitting down, the first course (a Hungarian soup) was brought out. There were only 3 choices for the second course (all the same price), so by the time we were done with the soup, it was easy to decide and the second course and it came quickly. It was really good yet we were able to get in and out without wasting a lot of time. It was perfect for us missionaries. 
2. Light switches are huge. It's weird to think back on the little ones in America that just take one finger. The ones here are a big square.
3. People go grocery shopping almost every day. They usually just use little wicker baskets to carry a few things home. It's always really awkward when we have to shop for a whole weeks' worth of food at once. Speaking of that, it is time to go head to the grocery store with our backpacks and big grocery bags... :)
4. Hungarian P.E. class is so cool. We saw them learning how to roller-blade today. 40 little kids with big clunky roller-blades, holding onto the wall trying to move forward. Could have been a great picture. 

1. Me with the scarf my dear friend Laura sent me
2. Elder Lynch's chubby bunny victory

3. Elder Ralph in a foggy field on the way home from a family night. One of those pictures that was much better in real life. 

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