Monday, September 9, 2013

Maradni Fogok‏

Note from Michelle's mom: This entry should have gone before the one I just posted. I realized I forgot to post last week. Sorry, busy week. Michelle was not able to upload pictures from the library, so these photos are from older ones I have.

So transfer calls came this morning, no surprise, Sister Peterson and I are staying together here in Szombathely so I can finish training her. This next transfer will be 10 weeks long though so that means a few things: This will be the city I've been in the longest and this will be the companion I've had the longest. We have at least one baptism to prepare for so we will be busy for sure.
Speaking of our baptism- Zoli. He has decided to keep his date as October 19th. But one exciting thing this week is that his wife has now became a new investigator :) She even came to church on Sunday. We gave Zoli a copy of the Book of Mormon for him to write his testimony in and give to his wife. It's so exciting and great to see him already doing missionary work within his family and to see the receptiveness. It also works out well because we have almost finished teaching Zoli everything he needs and now we can start over and he can help us teach his wife, super exciting!
So this last week Sister Peterson did a consecration week. We did a 7 day SYL and aimed for as many working hours as possible. It was a Standard of Excellence week. We have a bunch of new investigators and we are really excited to be able to stay together and keep things going. (Fun side note- Sister Peterson and I will be together for our birthdays which are both this month. Hers on the 29th and mine on the 30th. She's almost exactly a year younger than me. Hopefully we can find something fun to do for our birthdays :)
Hope you all have a Megszellent week!
Szeretlek mindig,
Curtin Nővér
P.S. The little details:
1. So sad story- our internet place that we so dearly loved, died without warning. So we are emailing in the library which takes me back to the days of the MTC- a blinking timer as to when I have to finish, also possibly no picture sending capabilities but I have yet to attempt so we will see.
2. Recipe for my favorite breakfast: Müzli (oatmeal type stuff), milk, a glop of Nutella, some fresh peaches, and a microwave. Oh so good.
3. Felmagasztosulás is one of my favorite Hungarian words. If I typed it write it means exaltation.  

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