Sunday, September 22, 2013

Health Hét‏


This week’s theme was health. It’s been great, but super hard- this week we've gotten more sütemény (aka dessert) from members and investigators than any other time. Otherwise it’s been good to study and learn more about the real reason we have the "Word of Wisdom". 

Overall it was a good week. Here's one of the many favorite moments from this week:
We had a long chunk of time to do finding one day, so we decided to street a long way away from our apartment and then track somewhere down there. This seemed to be a pretty good plan. I had a Book of Mormon with another translated testimony ready to go. I hadn't found anyone to give it to for several days and I figured this would be the day. This testimony was from a 14 year old boy in my parent's ward. It was short, but really well written. I wanted to find someone just right for it. So I said a prayer before leaving the apartment that I would find someone who needed it. We walked out of the apartment and I felt over and over again that we should tract the building directly behind ours. Normally we save those buildings for when we only have a little amount of time since they are so close. But we needed to go. So we went. We tracted and tracted and nothing was happening. 

Then we got to the very last floor, knocked on the door and two young boys opened the door. We told them we wanted to share a message with their family and asked if their parents where home. The boys hesitated, but then from behind us, came their mother. She had just gotten home and allowed us in. It turns out their mother had just heard on the radio that we teach a free English class and had tried to search for us in the main square where we sometimes table because she wanted her boys to go. She wasn’t able to find us in the square, but there we were at her house. She turned to her boys and said "See, God does exist. He sent these girls so I didn't have to seek them out". We had a fun and good conversation with them and taught them more about the Book of Mormon. The mom already had one, but the 13 year old boy seemed so intrigued. We gave him the Book of Mormon. We also taught them about prayer and I realized even more that my prayer from earlier that day at been answered. Not once on my mission have I ever tracted a family with a boy that age, but there he was, the perfect person to give that Book of Mormon to. He gratefully accepted it. We should be seeing him and his family next week after he gets back from a kickboxing tournament. 

It never ceases to amaze me that when we pray for something specific, that is in-line with God's will, and then we act; we always see results. This is such a cool testimony to me. Thank you to my mom and dad's Sunday School class who are sharing their testimonies, literally throughout the world. 

Love Always,
Curtin Nővér 

P.S. The little details:
1. You have to pay (temporarily) to use carts at the grocery store.
2. It’s getting cold outside, which means I need to be even more careful to wear a scarf, not have wet hair, and not sit on concrete. (Hungarians think you will get sick if you don’t stay warm.)
3. I'm getting really good at eating with a fork in my left hand. Never thought I’d be able to do it :).
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Zoli and Maria

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