Monday, August 19, 2013


Sziasztok everyone,

I actually won't have a lot of time to add to yesterdays e-mail. We have to teach English class tonight and then we have a program with one of our new investigators, but I thought I'd at least add a little. Yesterday was fun. Sister Chamberlain and I just walked around the mall and around the city. It's been a long time since I've had that much time just to shop and walk around without having a thousand things to do, so it was nice. Sister Peterson said new missionary training was good. She even came back saying she was very grateful to have me as a trainer. She's super sweet. It seems so long ago since I went to new missionary training, yet at the same time it seems so short. Time is a bizarre thing on a mission.

Our train ride home was a little crazy- because of Holidays and summer, we had to transfer trains in a random little village. Luckily there was a nice lady who also had to transfer trains and she helped us figure it out. We sat by her on the second train and talked the whole way home. That was the longest- continuing conversation I think I've ever been able to hold. I still have a long way to go in this language, but it is so nice to be able to feel like I can talk a little more freely with the people around me. 
Anyway, overall things are good. We have some great investigators and some fantastic potential investigators. I'm really excited to see what happens with all of that this week. This week will be kind of off though because of traveling so much and then we will be traveling to Györ on Friday for Zone training. Lots of trains. Luckily Hungarian countryside's are beautiful.
Next week should be fun. It will be a holiday here in Hungary. I'm not sure which day we will email yet because of businesses having different hours and such, but I guess we will find out. Sorry my emails were a little empty this week, but thanks so much for all you do. Especially thank you to those who sent me their testimonies that I will try to translate and write in copies of the Book of Mormon. I know its true and its great to hear all of your own personal and unique witnesses. 
Love Always, 
Curtin nővér

P.S. a few of the little details:
1. I love windows here. They are genius. They open 2 different ways and the blinds are on the outside of the window. 
2. Pictures:   1. Sister Chamberlain still working hard after our day-trip in Budapest. 2. Sister Peterson and I,  sadly the first and only picture I've taken on my camera together so far. I keep forgetting it. 3. Sister Peterson emailing :) 

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