Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Jó napot,

Stressful yet great start to the transfer. Stressful because I found out last minute that I also had to move. We've now moved from our beloved roof-top view to an apartment outside of the main city. It's really nice. Just very difficult to move when your luggage is broken and you have to pick up a new missionary from Budapest. But in the end it was successful and I am now living in, probably, the nicest apartment in the mission. There is a lady from this branch serving a mission elsewhere in Hungary and we are living in her apartment. It's cute and comfortable and on the bottom floor AND it has a dishwasher, super fancy!
The last transfer went well. I already miss Sister Montenegro but I'm sure she is doing great where she is reopening a city for sisters :).  I now have a new missionary to train! We went to the "sorting hat" ceremony and I was assigned to be companions with Sister Peterson (not the same as my MTC companion:) She is super cute and is from Utah. She has great desires and I think she will be a fantastic missionary. It's a lot of pressure on my language skills, but it's been okay so far. She's working really hard and I'm sure she will learn quickly. 
Our goal for this transfer is to focus on finding another Priesthood holder for this branch. This branch is a solid branch, but after prayer and discussing it and a lot of testimonies about the Priesthood in church on Sunday; we decided to make that our focus. We already have some great potential investigators and I'm excited to see what this transfer has in store. It will only be a 5 week transfer so we a have a lot to get done in the next few weeks. 
One huge miracle for me is that my investigator János from Pécs finally got baptized. His story is so long that I wouldn't even be able to try to summarize it, but I'm so excited for him. I mentioned him in several of my emails when I was in my first area. He is an older man and very kind. I always felt like he would get baptized, but it took a lot of prayer, patience and miracles. This gospel is for everyone and I'm so happy for him. 

Well I'm sorry that was short, but we still have a lot to do on our first preparation today. Sister Peterson will be leading her first lesson tonight and I think it will go great. We will be teaching a women at the branch president's home. I'm really excited to see how it goes. 
Hope all is well at home.
Love Always
Sister Curtin 

P.S. The little details:
1. Attached picture- an adorable little 8 year old girl got baptized this Friday. She was such a good example. Her 12 year old brother gave a talk and it was great as well. It's so nice to see full-family members in this branch. Sister Peterson and I sang the Hungarian version of "When I am baptized" which was also sung at my baptism (well, in English). One thing I love is that I'm not afraid to sing here in Hungary. No matter how bad you are at singing, you're good enough for here :) 
2. Fruit soup- its a popular thing here, but I finally had my first one last night. It was a peach fruit soup and SOOO good. (Thanks Sister Szvaboda.)
3. I took Sister Peterson to her first pékség (bakery) today. She got her first Csoki csiga (chocolate snail- aka chocolate roll thing), those are my favorite.

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