Monday, August 26, 2013


The actually holiday was like a ghost town. Everything closes down and basically no one was out. We walked around the city a little and then cleaned and wrote letters and such. The real festivities took place on Friday and Saturday. TONS of people came from out of town for the festival. It was not our preparation day, so we didn't really see what everything was, but we spent a good amount of time down there "flyering" and "streeting". Granted it's really hard to street people when they're packed a thousand thick watching the Romans walk down the street. It was fun to catch glimpses of the culture as we worked, but because we were proselyting we don't have any pictures from it. 
The rest of the week was great too. Our investigator who is currently planning on getting baptized in October is progressing so fast, that we could be finished with everything we need to teach him this week. We possibly might be moving up his baptismal date. His faith is incredible. One thing that I thought was impressive was, he originally was not going to tell his mother about the baptism, because she was very against it, and she is elderly, and he figured it wouldn't be worth the family contention. But he decided on his own that he will tell her because he needs to "witness before God and man" that he is willing and ready to make this change in his life. He has put up with a lot of opposition from old friends and coworkers. It is so amazing to hear how he is already standing up for the church and is staying "steadfast and immovable". He always tells us how grateful he is for us being here and how amazing it is to see such a change in just the last month in his life.  What wonderful blessings he has received already. 
We also had another less-active member return with us to church yesterday. She had just missed one day and then another and another. She said it got easier and easier to follow temptations to say things like "oh now it's raining too hard today, so I'll wait another week" and then it got to the point where she was afraid to return because she didn't know what to tell all of the people that would ask where she was. We walked with her to church and she returned and was once again received gladly back to the fold. 
Well next week is already transfers because this one is a little short; which means Tuesday will be preparation day. I'm guessing we will stay here together so I can finish training Sister Peterson, but we will know for sure next week. Hope all is well at home. Good luck to all of you returning to school. I think I mentioned that I do a different Christ-like attribute every month. This month I am finishing up knowledge. The biggest thing that stood out to me is that a search for knowledge is really just a search to have a better relationship with the Holy Ghost, so seek that knowledge!

Love Always,
Curtin nővér
Peterson Nover with the baptism calendar.

This lady got baptized last week. She is super sweet. I love that we believe that anyone who can function as an 8 year old or older can choose to be baptized. She has wanted to be baptized for so long. I gave her that yellow flower as a gift and she stuck it straight in her hair. Doesn't she look happy? She said she was. 

Our beautiful city

Peterson Nover and Curtin Nover

Sister Peterson with fagyi.


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